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Blue box

Last Modified September 25, 2017

Recycle your newspapers and magazines



Week 1 black bin and blue box, Week 2 green bin and brown bin/black box





Your blue box is collected every fortnight on the same day as your black bin. See collections and calendar for details.

You can put the following in your blue box:


 newspapers and magazine

 junk mail  Yellow Pages

   office paper

a green tickNewspapers and magazines a green tickJunk mail and envelopes* a green tickLeaflets, catalogues and directories a green tickWhite paper, including shredded paper**

*Please try and remove plastic windows from envelopes and put them in the black bin.

**Wrap shredded paper in newspaper or put it in a carrier bag and attach it to your blue box. Alternatively shredded paper used for animal bedding can go in your green bin but must go in loose.

Please don't put the following in your blue box (the information in brackets is where items should go):

  brown envelopes greetings cards and wrapping paper    cardboard   Plastic Bags

a red crossBrown envelopes/brown paper/paper bags 

(brown bin)

a red crossWrapping paper and greeting cards

(black bin)

a red crossCardboard

(brown bin)

a red crossPlastic wrapping or bags

(brown bin but they must be put in loose/empty)


Frequently asked questions


I live in a flat, can I recycle?
Please see Recycling in flats

   What happens to everything I put in my blue box?
Please read What happens to my recycling? 

What should I do if all my paper doesn’t fit in my blue box?
If you find the capacity of the blue box isn't sufficient you can request an additional box by contacting customer services on 020 8207 7480.



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