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Collections and calendar

Last Modified September 04, 2017

When and what do we collect?

We collect from your property on the same day every week and we encourage you to recycle as much of your waste as possible.

Every house should have a black bin, green bin, brown bin (or black box) and a blue box.

Your collections take place as follows:

  • On Week 1 we will collect your black bin and blue box.
  • On Week 2 (the same day the following week) we will collect your green bin and brown bin/black box. 


 Week 1 black bin and blue box, Week 2 green bin and brown bin/black box








And so it goes on, alternating each week between black bin and blue box collections, and green bin and brown bin/black box collections the following week. 

All bins/boxes need to be placed on your boundary by 6am on the day of your collection.

What goes in each bin/box?

  1. Your black bin is for general rubbish you cannot recycle.
  2. Your brown bin (or black box) is for glass, cartons, plastic, cans and cardboard. 
  3. Your green bin is for food and garden waste.
  4. Your blue box is for newspapers and magazines.

What day is my collection?

Enter your postcode and find out what day of the week your collections take place. 

Please note: the collection days stated are for houses only. If you live in a flat or property with communal bin stores please contact us directly. The same applies to school buildings and trade/commercial premises.

Which week is it?

View the current July - December collection calendar to find out which week we're on.

For more information please read our guide to Recycling in Hertsmere



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