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Local recycling banks

Last Modified September 04, 2018
Electrical and battery recycling bank

We have a number of small local recycling sites in our borough. Please see the table below for your nearest site.

If you are looking for the local 'tip' or have items other than those listed below please visit a Household Waste Recycling Centre where you can recycle more materials. These are run by Hertfordshire County Council.

Local recycling sites
Location Textiles (clothes & shoes)Bras Electrical*
The Venue, Elstree Way, WD6 1JY tick tick tick 
Three Ways Community Centre, Arundel Drive, WD6 2ND tick cross tick 

Bushey Grove Leisure Centre, Aldenham Road, WD23 2TD

 tick  tick tick 
Kemp Place car park, Kemp Place, WD23 1DB  tick  tick tick 
        Potters Bar      
Furzefield Centre, Mutton Lane, EN6 3BW tick a red cross tick 
Newberries car park, Watling Street, WD7 7AH tick tick tick 

Andrew Close, WD7 9LP

a red cross tick


 *Electrical items include anything with a plug or that takes batteries. This includes hairdryers, shavers, irons, toasters, smaller laptops, fairy lights, etc. Only domestic batteries are accepted, car batteries can be taken to a Household Waste Recyling Centre.

batteriesIt has come to our attention that there as been an increase in the number of batteries being placed in the brown bin. Please do not put any batteries in your brown bin, they contain hazardous material. Instead you can recycle batteries at local tips, supermarkets and anywhere that sells electrical goods. This includes all household dry cell batteries.

Please note: the automated recycling machines at the Tesco stores in Borehamwood and Potters Bar and the recycling banks at Sainsburys, Potters Bar are the responsibility of those supermarkets.

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