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Missed collections

Last Modified January 11, 2019

If your bin/box hasn't been collected by 4pm on your collection day, please contact us. You must report it within 48 hours in order for us to arrange a return collection. We will not return if it is reported outside of this time - it will be collected as usual on your next scheduled collection.


There may be a reason your bin/box hasn't been collected. If any of the following apply, then you will have to wait until your next scheduled collection and your bin/box will only be collected providing the problem has been corrected:



Collection day
Check that your bin is out on the correct day. Enter your postcode to search for your collection day.

Closed bin lid
We will not empty the black, green or brown bins unless the lid is completely closed.

We will not collect your green bin, brown bin or blue box if they are contaminated, i.e. if they contain any incorrect items. A card will be left on your bin if this is the reason with the offending item highlighted.

Collection from property boundary
We will not collect bins/boxes unless they are placed on the boundary of the property or an agreed collection point by 6am. They will be returned to the boundary/agreed location once emptied.

Collection of Hertsmere containers
We will not collect bins/boxes other than those provided by us.

Part-emptied/overloaded bins
We will not empty a bin if it is overloaded. That is, if it is too heavy, causing a hazard to the crew or if there is a risk of spillage. Overloading and frozen contents can also result in a bin being part-emptied. We will return to collect these on the next scheduled collection providing the householder has removed the load or blockage.

Wrong bin
We can only collect the bins/boxes scheduled for collection on a particular week. See the collection calendar to check the week.

Excess waste
We will not collect extra bags of refuse or recycling for the black bin, green bin or brown bin/black box. General waste, garden waste, cardboard, glass, cans, cartons and plastic bottles can all be taken to the local tip also known as a Household Waste Recycling Centre. Alternatively garden waste sacks are available for recycling any extra garden waste alongside your green bin.

If you have any extra recycling for the blue box please put it out in carrier bags alongside the box on your scheduled collection day. Black sacks will not be collected.

Frozen bin lids and contents
We will attempt to empty all bins during adverse weather conditions, however if your bin lid is frozen or if the contents of your bin do not empty on the automatic lift on our vehicles we will be unable to return to collect until your next scheduled collection.

How to report a missed bin

If your bin or box has been missed and none of the above applies to your collection, please call us on 020 8207 7480, email or fill in our missed bins form. You will receive a confirmation email and we will contact you within two working days.

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