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Last Modified May 21, 2018

We will investigate reports of flytipping to try to find out who is responsible, as well as remove any rubbish which is dumped on council land.

If waste is dumped on private land we will investigate who is responsible for leaving it there, but it is the landowner’s responsibility for disposing of the waste.

Below is a run-down of the worst cases we've dealt with in Hertsmere.


What is flytipping and what are the penalties

Flytipping is the dumping of rubbish on any land that is not a licensed waste site.
In instances where you dump one or more domestic bags of waste or other small items, under new measures which were introduced this year, we can issue on-the-spot fines. The £300 fines, discounted to £200 if paid within 10 days, are aimed at tackling low-level domestic flytipping.

For more serious offences, involving larger-scale flytipping such as builder’s rubble, unwanted furniture or a large number of bags of waste, perpetrators will be prosecuted. Flytipping is an offence that carries an unlimited fine or up to five years imprisonment.  

You can be prosecuted even if you didn’t dump the waste there – see our campaign Could this be yours? for more.

If you’re unsure about what constitutes flytipping and your position under the law, take our quiz.

What to do if you see someone leaving rubbish 

If you witness flytipping taking place call the police immediately on 999. Don't approach those responsible or put yourself at risk in anyway.

If you find rubbish that has already been fly-tipped, don’t call the police, fill in our online form or contact us. You can help by recording as much information as possible. For example:

  • Date and time you saw the rubbish
  • Where it is e.g. road name and any significant landmarks to help us find it easily.
  • Description of the rubbish e.g. builders waste, household waste, furniture etc.


We advise anyone who finds waste dumped on private land not to remove any evidence especially letters, envelopes or bills with an address on them. Leave them where they are and we will attend as soon as possible to retrieve them.

Preventing flytipping

It is vital if you are having unwanted items or household waste removed from your home, that you use licensed waste carriers, in order to help prevent flytipping.

If you don’t and the person you’ve employed dumps the waste illegally, then you could be prosecuted.

See our campaign Could this be yours? for more information and advice.

More information - how to dispose of your waste

We have a small number of local recycling banks around the borough. You can find out where they are and what sort of items you can recycle there by visiting this page.

For other items, please take them to your nearest tip or Household Waste Recycling Centre. There are two in the borough. You can find out more about what they recycle.

 We also offer a bulky item removal service for a fee..

You can also check the Hertfordshire Waste Partnerships website for more information on household waste recycling centres and what to do with commercial waste.

In addition, the Hertfordshire Fly Tipping Group is a multi-agency task force which includes Hertfordshire Constabulary, Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue; the Environment Agency, the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner and the National Farmers Union now working together to tackle fly tipping across Hertfordshire.

Public notice 

Please see the following notice regarding a vehicle seized on 1 February in connection with control of waste regulations.

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