Water is a precious resource and even more in Hertfordshire. Hertfordshire is one of the driest counties in the UK and the average consumption of water per person is 8% higher than national average. 

What is the council doing?

  • Working closely with Affinity water on issues of water leakage.
  • Asking developers to include measures such that the average water consumption in new developments is well below that required by Building Regulations.
  • Working with developers to include Sustainable Drainage provisions in new developments.

What can residents do?

  • Soft landscape your front garden to allow more rainwater to seep into the ground and replenish our groundwater aquifers.
  • Use rainwater harvesting systems to water your garden. You can install water butts linked to your rooftop drainage.
  • Incorporating simple water saving tips into you daily life can materially reduce your water consumption.

What can businesses do?

  • Businesses can purchase water efficient equipment or low flow restrictors in their operations and offices, as appropriate.
  • Businesses can undertake a commercial water audit to help reduce water consumption.
  • Consider installing rain water harvesting system for on-site landscape irrigation.
  • Engage and train their employees in water saving measures.