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Borehamwood market information

Last Modified March 07, 2023

Please note:

The Borehamwood street market is closed until further notice.


A regular street market is held in Shenley Road, Borehamwood in the slip road between Clarenden Road and Grosvenor Road.

It is held every Tuesday and Saturday throughout the year between 8am and 5pm, except when either day falls on a bank holiday when no market takes place. The market hosts a good variety of stalls.

If you wish to run a stall on the market or have any comments or complaints contact Engineering Services on 020 8207 7492.

Interesting fact!

Around 700-800 years ago, the right to hold a market was a highly valued privilege granted by the monarch to nobles who enjoyed his favour. Where such markets were held, people travelled from miles around to buy and sell the essentials of everyday life.

A day at the market was just that! The journey to market took 1/3rd of the day, trading required another 1/3rd and the weary journey home used up the remaining 1/3rd of the day. A man was deemed to be able to travel 20 miles in a day and thus it was determined that markets must be at least six and 2/3rds miles apart. This calculation is still used today as the basis for the protection of market rights.

Towns grew up around the site of regular markets, which were usually held on one or two days each week, or on special feasts and festivals. Many of today's thriving communities owe their existence to the market in their midst.

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