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Our pest control service is currently unavailable. Please make arrangements elsewhere for pest control.


To book a visit please call Customer Services on 020 8207 2277 and ask for pest control. 

We have a dedicated officer who specialises in getting rid of certain pests, using a range of pest control treatments and techniques not available to buy over the counter. However, we have no obligation to provide such a service and charges do apply for call outs, treatments and appointments, even when no treatment is required.

See our pest control charges (PDF 1.33MB) for details.

Pest Control frequently asked questions


I think we have bees in our property. What can I do?

Most bees are a protected species and while we can give you advice, no treatment is available. Our leaflet How to tell the difference between a bee wasp and hornet (PDF 119kb) can help you identify them.

When should i call out a Pest Control Officer/ pest control company?

If you have seen rats or mice in your garden over a period of time; if you find droppings and/or items chewed inside your property; or if you have heard noises i.e. scratching over a few days, and cannot find a non-pest related cause for the noises.

How long does treatment take?

It depends on the scale of the problem. A technician would discuss this with you once an initial assessment is made.

Does someone need to be at the property when the pest control technician arrives? 

Yes, especially on the first visit. For re-visits if you have agreed with the technician at the initial visit that alternative access will be available, you no longer need to be at the property during treatments.

What happens if i miss the appointment? 

If a scheduled appointment is missed or you are not in when the technician calls (unless agreed - see above), a call out charge of £60 will be applied when you re-book the appointment. If you do not wish to re-book, a call out charge of £60 will still be deducted from any refund you receive.

What appointments are available? 

Please see our table below depending on where you live. Please note: this may be subject to change and can be affected by other considerations such as adverse weather etc. No specific times can be given as it is difficult to determine exactly how long a particular job will last.

Pest control appointments

Pest control appointments
DayAM - 8am to 1pm PM - 12pm to 5pm


 Borehamwood / Radlett

 Potters Bar


 Bushey / Aldenham

 Borehamwood / Radlett


 Potters Bar

 Borehamwood / Radlett


 Borehamwood / Radlett

 Bushey / Aldenham


 Borehamwood / Bushey / Radlett

 Potters Bar

Saturday / Sunday No appointments available  


Are weekend appointments available?

No. If alternative access cannot be made (for example through a neighbour on a re-visit) and you can only accommodate a weekend visit then we suggest you contact a private pest control company.

Can you give me advice over the phone?

Yes. We are happy to give you advice on what types of treatments are available to help get rid of your pest control problem.

How do i know what treatment to buy if i don't know what the insect is? 

We offer an inspection service which involves identification of the insect (where possible) and advice on possible treatments. This is a chargeable service but the cost of the inspection visit will be deducted from the cost of any treatments required.

I rent my property from a private landlord/housing association - do i have to pay for a pest control service? 

Yes, your landlord may agree to pay but you would need to arrange this with them first.

I run a business - are treatments available to me? 

Yes, one-off treatments are available to businesses. See here for charges. Alternatively, a pest control service contract is available to businesses which will be charged on a quarterly basis. For more information call Customer Services on 020 8207 2277.

Are there any after effects with the treatments? 

Sometimes. Where rats or mice are treated with bait inside your property you may experience a problem with smell. It might be for a  few days or longer, depending on where the body is, temperature etc. Sometimes where wasp nests are treated a smell may develop which should only last a few days.

What happens to the dead pests? 

You will need to dispose of these yourself as we are not responsible for collecting dead species from your property.


What can you do about foxes? 

In common with many other local authorities, we do not provide eradication or a removal service for foxes. Controlling urban foxes is difficult, expensive and not normally successful.

Legally, there are only two methods that can be used to dispose of foxes; shooting or cage trapping in combination with the administration of a lethal injection.

The most likely reason for a fox to enter your garden is in the search for food, or if it provides a safe place to shelter. Deterring foxes is cheaper, more humane and can be more effective. To help deter foxes you should:

  • keep all rubbish in wheelie bins or closed containers, not plastic bags.
  • if bags are used for waste disposal, only put them out on the morning of collection.
  • keep your grounds well-maintained and remove overgrown vegetation.
  • seal holes beneath buildings or sheds.
  • do not leave food out for other animals.
  • make sure all domestic animals (such as rabbits, chickens etc) are securely caged or fenced in.
  • bring toys, shoes, etc inside at night as cubs like to chew or play with these items.


To prevent foxes you can try a suitable animal repellent. A range of products are available but please note only approved products can be used and they must be used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Non-approved products, such as creosote and diesel oil, is not permitted by law and can be very dangerous to other animals such as cats and dogs. Legal action can result against anyone who is found using such products. Your local garden centre, hardware or DIY store can provide you with the most suitable product, such as 'Scoot', 'Stay Off', 'Get Off My Garden', 'Wash and Get Off' and 'Silent Roar'.

Other sources of help:

The Fox Project is the UK's foremost information centre for practical advice on fox deterrence. Visit their website or call 01892 826222.

The National Fox Welfare Society can provide information on deterrence and assistance on homeopathic mange treatment. Visit their website or call 01933 411996.