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Chimney Height Approval

Last Modified February 13, 2020

Chimney height approval application form (175 Kb)

Under Section 14 of the Clean Air Act 1993, unless the height of the chimney has been approved by the local authority and any conditions attached to the approval adhered to, it is an offence to cause or knowingly permit a furnace to be used to:

  • burn pulverised fuel;
  • burn at a rate of 45.5 kg or more an hour any other solid matter, or
  • burn at a rate equivalent to 366.4 kW or more any liquid or gaseous matter

If you are intending to carry out any of the following activities and any one of the above criteria apply, then you need to apply for chimney height approval from the Council:

  • constructing a new chimney
  • increasing the combustion space of an existing furnace
  • adding a new furnace to an existing installation
  • changing the fuel burnt in an existing furnace
  • replacing a furnace with one having a larger combustion space

Application for chimney height is free of charge. You can apply by filling in an application form and emailing or posting it back to us at the address on this page. Contact us if you require a paper copy to be sent to you. A written decision will be given within 28 days, unless it is agreed in writing that a longer period may be allowed.

We cannot approve the proposed chimney height unless we are satisfied that it will be sufficient to prevent, so far as it practicable, the smoke, grit, dust, gases or fumes emitted from the chimney from becoming prejudicial to health or a nuisance, having regard to :

  • the purpose of the chimney;
  • the position and descriptions of buildings near to it;
  • the levels of the neighbouring ground; and
  • any other matters requiring consideration in the circumstances.

We can attach conditions to the approval, such as the rate and quality of emissions from your chimney.

Please include any supplementary information such as stack height calculations with the application for chimney height approval.


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