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Bin collections for flats

Last Modified September 05, 2023

Waste and recycling in flats


Flats and other properties with shared communal facilities in Hertsmere may have a different waste and recycling provision to houses. 

Please refer to the following information for both residents and managing agents to help you use the bins and maintain the bin stores correctly. 



It's important that the correct items are put into the recycling bins. If the bins are contaminated (contain incorrect items) they will not be emptied. Please download our guide to Recycling in Flats (pdf,3mb) for full details of what is accepted in the recycling bin. 

Items must be:

  • Loose, not bagged
    If you are using a bag to carry your recyclables to the bin please empty the items into the recycling bin first, then dispose of the bag in the general waste or reuse it.

    Clean and empty
    Please rinse out any food residue. Pizza boxes, dirty foil and any other food containers with food stuck to them are not acceptable.



Bulky waste or large items
Large household items such as sofas, chest of drawers or mattresses are your responsibility to dispose of correctly. They should not be left in the bin store area for anyone else to clear. We cannot empty bins if they are blocked by extra items or rubbish on top of the bins or on the floor.

There are several options for disposing of large items. You may be able to get a free collection from a charity - visit our large household item collection page for details. Alternatively you can: 

Managing agents, landlords and housing associations

As a managing agent it is your responsibility to ensure that the bin stores are kept in a reasonable state and allow easy access for our collection crew to empty the bins on the scheduled collection day. We will not remove any excess waste on top of or surrounding the bins or move any bulky items to get to the bins.

Contaminated recycling bins
If a recycling bin is recorded by our crew as contaminated, i.e. contains incorrect items, we will not empty it. Instead we will notify you and it is then your responsibility to make arrangements for the bin to be sorted or emptied before the next scheduled collection. You can arrange this via a private contractor or we can return and empty it as general waste, for a fee. For full details and charges please see our Contamination Procedure (pdf,421kb).

Available resources
It is your responsibility to educate residents and provide them with the correct information regarding their bins. Where new residents move into a property we would encourage you to provide them with a Recycling in Flats guide (pdf,3mb) in their welcome pack or we can send out letters and include a copy.

We can also provide reminder letters to properties and the following posters are available for display in the bin store areas:

To request A3 laminated copies please email street.scene@hertsmere.gov.uk 





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