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Grass cutting

Last Modified May 14, 2019


Grass cutting along highway verges is the responsibility of Hertfordshire County Council.

You can visit their website to find details relating to grass cutting, hedges, trees and weeds.

Traditionally, the first cut takes place during early spring and the final cut during late autumn. Their programme of cutting work is weather dependent.

On their website you can enter your postcode to find out when grass cutting near you will take place, find out who is responsible for specific areas and functions, as well as inform the county council about overgrown verges using their online fault reporting form.

For further information:

Contact their Customer Service Team on 0300 123 4047, email: contact@hertfordshire.gov.uk or visit their website.

Weed control

We treat Hertsmere’s roads, gullies and public footpaths in urban areas twice a year, in late spring and early September, with an environmentally-friendly weed killer.

If you want to report weed treatment in your area, please call our Customer Service team on 020 8207 2277 or email customer.services@hertsmere.gov.uk or complete the online report it form at www.hertsmere.gov.uk/report-it

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