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Litter and street sweeping

Last Modified February 15, 2024

Street Cleansing

We are currently experiencing staff shortages and delays in securing replacement vehicles resulting in difficulties completing our street sweeping services. Please be advised if you do report a road or pavement requiring sweeping the request will be added to a central list, assessed and completed on a priority basis. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Our streets are divided into zones depending on how often they are used. The busier a road is, the more often it will be swept or litter picked.

Please note: during the autumn there will be some change to the service as the sweepers concentrate on clearing fallen leaves.

Mechanical sweeper


 dual litter and recycling street bin

Dual use litter and recycling bins are available in the main shopping streets in Borehamwood, Bushey, Potters Bar and Radlett. In these you can recycle plastic bottles and cans, and in some of the locations, newspaper.




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