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Help to Stop Smoking

Last Modified January 20, 2017

Help to stop smoking

The Hertfordshire Stop Smoking Service offers free professional specialist advice and support to smokers. This increases your chance of stopping smoking by up to four times.

They provide weekly one-to-one support across the county for up to 12 weeks or telephone support if required (or group support at workplaces).

Alongside providing specialist support to smokers, they deliver a variety of training to all front-line professionals and volunteers supporting over 300 local stop smoking services across the county.

How to get support:

Contact Hertfordshire Stop Smoking Service on 0800 389 3 998 (free from landline) or 01442 453 071 or text SMOKEFREE to 80818 or send an email.

  • Contact the service directly
  • Speak to your GP surgery,
  • Ask your local pharmacy,
  • Speak to any health professional and ask to be referred

Once you are referred, the service will contact you in 48 hours to start your Smokefree journey.

For further information visit Hertfordshire Stop Smoking Service or have a look at the service leaflet.

Hertfordshire County Council's Traffic Control Strategy documents

Smokefree homes and cars

Why is it important that your home and car are Smokefree?

  • Children are particularly vulnerable to second hand smoke as their lungs, airways and immune systems are less developed.
  • 95% of estimated deaths from second hand smoke are due to exposure in the home.
  • Pregnant women and their families who smoke increase the risk of miscarriage, still birth and death in the first few months of life.
  • Smoking is a major fire risk within the home.
  • Family pets have the same exposure to smoke in the home and car.

Hertfordshire Public Health is committed to protecting babies and young children from second hand smoke. Therefore they have introduced the smokefree kit.  The kit will be sent out on request to smokers, pregnant women and their partners and families that want to be smokefree in their home and car.

Please contact Hertfordshire Stop Smoking Service for your free SMOKEFREE kit.


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