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Disabled Facilities Grants

Last Modified July 24, 2019

Disabled Facilities Grants are to adapt homes to make them more suitable for disabled people to live in and manage independently. The grants are available to people who are registered, or registerable as disabled.

Owner occupiers, tenants and landlords on behalf of tenants can apply but they must do so through the occupational therapist at Hertfordshire County Council Social Services Department who will specify the necessary adaptations.*

The grants are subject to a means test on the applicant and their partner. The means test is different to others carried out for Benefits or Carer's help and the outcome is often more generous. Even if you have been refused other benefits you may be eligible so it is worth asking for an assessment. There is no means test if the adaptations are for children under 16 or young persons up to their 20th birthday in full time, non-advanced, ordinary education.

More information on what the grants can cover and the grant process can be obtained by contacting the Environmental Health Team on 0208 207 7435 or environmental.health@hertsmere.gov.uk.

* If you wish to apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant the contact numbers for Health and Community Services to arrange the initial Occupational Therapist assessment are:

0300 123 4042 for adults

01438 737782 for children

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