Information about exchanging your home with another council or housing association tenant.

What is a mutual exchange (Home swap)

A mutual exchange (Home swap) is where two or more tenants swap their homes. It gives tenants the opportunity to live in a property of their choice in an area they wish to live in and is often the quickest way to move.

If you have been assessed as having a low housing need or no housing need, swapping your tenancy with another tenant is often the only way of moving. 

How do I find someone to exchange with?

Hertsmere does not operate a mutual exchange (House swap) scheme, nor hold a list of people wanting to swap homes.

However, if you are interested in finding a mutual exchange (Home swap) there are various web exchange sites you can visit, most are free or charge a minimal fee.  Most Housing Associations in Hertsmere subscribe to Homeswapper which means the service is free for their tenants - Check with your landlord as they may subscribe to

You may also be able to find an exchange partner by advertising, either via postcard adverts in local shops or through specialised sections in newspapers.

Websites that you can visit which have details of properties available for exchange:

Will I be allowed to exchange my property?

Generally, you will not be able to exchange your property if:

  • you, or either of the tenants, has a Notice of Seeking Possession and/or a court order against you - for example for arrears or anti-social behaviour, or 
  • the exchange would mean that one or both homes would be either overcrowded or under occupied. Note, you may be able to under occupy by one bedroom. The landlord of the property will let you know their rules on this.


Sometimes there may be conditions to be fulfilled before permission is granted - for example, clearing any rent arrears or putting right any damage to the property.

Your landlord will be able to provide advice and guidance. Your home will be inspected by your landlord before any exchange and arrangements to move are made. 

You must never exchange properties before getting permission from your landlord.