We don't own or manage any social housing. The social housing in the borough is owned and managed by several housing associations.

Very few of these properties become available to rent each year, consequently demand outstrips supply and only families who have an identified housing need are ever likely to secure accommodation.

Most of the housing associations do not hold waiting lists for their properties. The council has nomination rights to the majority of vacancies that become available.

In order to be considered for an allocation of a social rented property, a person must be nominated to the housing association by the council. Nominations are made only to persons that are on the council's housing register.

Housing Register

Who is eligible?

To qualify for acceptance on the housing register you must:

  • be aged 18 or more
  • not be subject to immigration control (a citizen of the UK, the Commonwealth or the European Economic Area unless granted refugee status or granted leave to enter or remain in the UK).
  • live in the United Kingdom
  • have a local connection to Hertsmere
  • have an identified housing need.

If you have a history of anti-social or criminal behaviour relating to housing it is unlikely you would qualify to join the housing register.

Applying to join the housing register 

Applications can be made online at Hertsmerehomes.

After you have completed the form, you will be contacted to provide further information and evidence of your circumstances. This will be followed by a housing needs assessment.

Applications fall into two categories.

  • Homeseekers – These are people that live in the private rented sector, with friends or family are homeless or live in any other type of accommodation 
  • Transfers – These are people that already hold a tenancy with a housing association in Hertsmere. People that live in social housing in a different borough are defined as homeseekers.

Being on the housing register is not a guarantee that you will be offered social housing.  Many people will never receive an offer of housing. You will be given other options and advice that may help you to improve your current housing situation as an alternative to waiting for social housing.

Applying for a transfer

Existing tenants should apply to join the housing register and contact their landlord. Some landlords still hold a transfer waiting list. If your landlord does hold a waiting list, you can be on both the councils housing register and the transfer waiting list at the same time.