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Choice Based Lettings FAQs

Last Modified October 19, 2015

Our frequently asked questions about our Allocations Policy and Choice Based Lettings should help you understand the way homes are allocated by us.

Q: What is Herts Choice Homes and who is involved?

A:  Herts Choice Homes is a partnership of five councils in Hertfordshire which means there will be some opportunity for you to move to other areas of Hertfordshire. The five councils are: us, St Albans District Council, Watford Borough Council, Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council and Three Rivers District Council.

Q: What is Choice Based Lettings?

A:  Choice Based Lettings is a way of deciding who is offered a rented home and gives you more say in where you live.

Under Choice Based Lettings, landlords advertise their properties so you can choose which home you are interested in applying for. 

Q: What is the Housing Register?

A:  The Housing Register is a register of  households with an identified housing need who are looking for affordable accommodation in Hertsmere.

Q: Can I join the Housing Register?

A:  As long as you are aged 16 or over, have a housing need as identified in the Allocations Policy and have a local connection to Hertsmere you can join the register, unless:

  • We have decided that your behaviour (or a member of your household's behaviour) is unacceptable and serious enough to make you unsuitable as a tenant.
  • You are subject to immigration control or are not habitually resident, as described by law.

Q: How do I join the Housing Register?

A:  You need to complete our online pre assessment form, to see if you are eligible to join the register.  This is available through Herts Choice Homes Website.  If you are eligible you will be invited to complete a housng application online.

Q: How will my application be prioritised?

A:  When an applicant’s housing need is assessed they will be placed in one of four priority bands A to D. Applicants in band A will have the highest priority, with applicants in band D the lowest priority. Band E is for those over 60 years with no identified housing need. The bands are designed to give those households in greatest need reasonable preference for housing, whilst maximising use of the social housing stock.

You will also be given a priority date, which initially will be the date of your application. Should your circumstances change and you are reassessed to a higher priority band you will be given a new date. This will be the date you were awarded the higher priority.

Q: What is the five band system?

A:  There are five bands - A, B, C, D and E, with A being the highest priority.

The different bands reflect broad categories of housing need, from very high to low. If you are in a higher band you will have greater priority for housing.


Includes people that we have to house as soon as a suitable property is available, e.g. people who have an over-riding medical need.


Includes people that we have to house urgently and people that by law we must give 'reasonable preference', e.g. those to whom we owe a statutory homeless duty.


Includes people who have high need to move, e.g. applicants who are assessed as lacking two or more bedrooms.


Includes people with a medium need to move, e.g. applicants lacking one bedroom, or facing financial hardship.


Band E is for those over 60 years with no identified housing need.

If your priority changes you may move up or down the housing priority bands following assessment.

Q: What do you mean by local connection?

A local connection to Hertsmere means that one or more of the following criteria applies - both at the time of applying and when an offer of housing is made.


  • Are permanently employed within the borough for a minimum period of 12 months, working 16 hours or more per week and the distance from your current home to your work place is 75 miles or more;
  • Have lived for at least five years in the borough by choice, either in rented or other accommodation we consider permanent;  
  • Have close relatives, (such as parents, adult children, brothers or sisters), who live in the borough, and have done so for at least ten years. In exceptional circumstances other family members may be considered, such as in the case of an elderly applicant who needs to move to the area for support. Each case will be assessed individually.
  • Where the Council agrees there are exceptional circumstances.


Applicants who meet the following criteria do not need to demonstrate a local connection to Hertsmere.

 A member of the regular forces or someone who has served in the regular forces within 5 years of the date of applying for housing

Has recently ceased, or will cease to be entitled to reside in accommodation provided by the Ministry of Defence following the death of their partner and that the death was wholly or partly attributable to that service

Is currently serving or has served in the reserve forces and is suffering from a serious injury, illness or disability which is attributable (wholly or partly) to that service

Q: What happens once I am on the Housing Register?

A:  Shortly after your registration on the scheme, you will receive confirmation in the post. The letter will give you your registration number and date (normally the date we received your housing registration form), and details of the priority band you have been placed in. 

If you are eligible, it will also tell you the size of property you will be allowed to bid for under the scheme.

Q: How long will I have to wait on the register?

A:  It is not possible to say how long you will need to wait before you are successful in getting a property. We have more people on our housing register than there are available properties and not everybody on the register will secure housing.

Q: Will I need to let you know of any changes in my circumstances?

A:  Yes. Once you are on our Housing Register you must tell us as soon as possible:

  • Any change in your employment status
  • If anybody moves in or out of your current property
  • Of any change of address
  • Of pregnancy

Q: Do I need to keep in regular contact with you?

A:  If you are bidding regularly on properties, you do not need to keep in regular contact with us, other than to tell us about any changes in your circumstances.

Q: What happens if you cancel my housing registration application?

A:  If we cancel your application and you need to re-apply to us at a later date. You will not be able to keep your former application date so you may lose the time you have already spent on the housing register.

Q: How are properties advertised?

A:  All properties available for letting are advertised on the Herts Choice Homes website.

If you are unable to access the website, and are defined as in a vulnerable group, such as being infirm, disabled or have learning difficulties, arrangements can be made for the list of available properties to be posted out to you.

Q: How do I bid for a property?


A: Properties are advertised weekly. Bidding opens on a Friday at 9am and closes at midday the following Tuesday.

You can bid via the Herts Choice Homes website, by telephone, by text message, or, if you are vulnerable, staff will help you in making a bid.

Q: What happens after I have bid?

A:  Applications are ranked by us according to priority band i.e. band A first and then band B, C, D, E; then the date you were placed in the band. 

The person in the highest priority band with the earliest priority date will be invited to view the property. We may shortlist between one and five applicants to view a property, depending on how popular the property is.

Q: Will I qualify for sheltered accommodation?

A:  You can apply for sheltered housing if you are over 60 years of age.  We will assess your needs and suitability for living in sheltered housing.


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