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Choice Based Lettings

Last Modified October 19, 2015

Choice Based Letting makes the allocation of social housing simpler and allows you to make a choice about where you want to live.

What is Choice Based Lettings (CBL)?

Choice Based Lettings gives you a chance to bid on a property you want to live in.

When properties become available for let, they are advertised on the internet. As an applicant you can register your interest in these properties by making a bid. The property will be allocated to the person with the highest priority, according to our Allocation Policy.

Adverts will contain photographs, along with useful information such as the rent details, council tax banding and neighbourhood facilities.

You can bid by:

  • Telephone
  • Text message
  • Through the Herts Choice Homes website.


What are the benefits of Choice Based Lettings?

As well as giving you the opportunity to choose which properties you want to be considered for, we also provide you with feedback on:

  • the successful bids
  • the number of bids received for each property, and
  • the priority of the successful applicant.


No personal details about applicants will ever be published.

What are the limits of Choice Based Letting?

Although Choice Based Lettings gives you more choice about where you live, it does not increase the amount of housing available from housing associations in the first place.

However, by advertising all our vacant properties you can see how many properties we have available for letting each week.

Where can I get more information about Choice Based Lettings?

For more information download our CBL allocations policy document or contact our housing options team on 020 8207 7420 if you have any questions.


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