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Hertsmere's heritage map

Last Modified April 07, 2021
Hertsmere Borough Council has launched a new interactive map that highlights the borough's rich heritage.

The map shows the location of Hertsmere's museums, recognises the contribution of the TV and Film industry to the borough, as well as other beautiful or culturally significant sites.  All places shown on the map are free to use or enter.

Laura Armstrong, GIS Consultant who developed the map, said: "The aim of the map is to showcase places of interest that residents may have not known about or visited before in an easy to use, intuitive map. It'll also be helpful for new residents or tourists to get to know the area.

"Hopefully this tool will become especially helpful as lockdown restrictions ease and residents are able to get out a bit more. Users are able to pick a location point on the map and it will automatically open the location description for that point along the left hand side of the map. There are also links to external webpages where users can find out more about the location they picked.

"We would welcome any additions from residents for places to be included on the map, so please let us know of places of interest that you enjoy in Hertsmere."

If you have a place or location you'd like included, you can make a suggestion the comments, complaints and compliments form on the council’s website - www.hertsmere.gov.uk.

To view the map visit Parks and Leisure.

Posted on Tuesday 6th April 2021

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