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Resignation of a Hertsmere Borough Councillor

Last Modified February 26, 2021
Andrew Melville has resigned as a Hertsmere Borough Councillor for Bushey North ward.

The council's Managing Director Sajida Bijle received a letter of resignation from Mr Melville yesterday (25 February).

Sajida said: “I enjoyed working with Mr Melville in his capacity as councillor and group leader for Liberal Democrat. I would like to thank him for his cooperation.” 

Mr Melville was a Liberal Democrat councillor and was elected to Hertsmere Borough Council in May 2019. He served as Leader of the Liberal Democrat group until November last year.

Constituents in Bushey North ward who wish to contact a local councillor can instead contact Cllr Jerry Evans and Cllr Paul Richards.

Details of all councillors and how to contact them are available here.

A notice of the vacancy is available to view here.

Posted on Friday 26th February 2021

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