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Tree-mendous planting effort across Hertsmere

Last Modified February 10, 2021
We are planting over a thousand trees this year, as part of a scheme to increase the borough’s tree population.

This will be highest number of trees planted in a single season in recent years. The council is on schedule to plant 1072 trees for the 2020/21 planting season across the borough as part of the tree regeneration project and in line with Hertsmere’s Climate Emergency Strategy commitment to increase tree cover in the borough.

Councillor Seamus Quilty, Portfolio Holder for Environment, said: 'This is excellent news! Trees are essential for people, wildlife and the environment, and they’re a hugely important part of our plans to address the climate emergency. Trees are a powerful ally; they can help by reducing carbon dioxide levels and flood risk, moderating extremes of temperature, and improving air quality. They also provide habitat for many species, supporting biodiversity in the borough.

“I am thrilled to see so many trees being planted this planting season, and I thank everyone involved.”

The council will be planting:
• 500 whips in Furzefield Woods in Potters Bar as part of continued woodland management
• 500 whips to replace those trees that have failed and to increase the size of small woodland blocks within parks across the borough
• 72 new trees across our parks and open spaces in the borough.

Last year, the council planted 846 trees across the borough but unfortunately a large number were targeted by vandals in Borehamwood.

During 2020, the council planted 66 trees – including plant saplings of oak, alder, hornbeam, rowan, field maple and goat willow - in Borehamwood parks. Of these, 25% were vandalised or stolen. Of the 175 whips planted to create new woodland blocks or enlarge woodland areas in the town’s parks, almost a third were vandalised.

Councillor Seamus Quilty, added: “I am so disappointed these trees have been mindlessly destroyed.

"We have to remove trees due to a variety of reasons, but we aim to replenish and add to our tree stock to ensure habitats for wildlife, improve our green spaces as well as part of our climate change programme to achieve net-zero carbon emissions no later than 2050. It’s upsetting that much of our hard work has been destroyed.

“The trees planted elsewhere in the borough have been left alone, but unfortunately all the damage carried out has taken place in Borehamwood.

“If trees in a specific area are continually damaged it may not be viable to keep replacing them. We would however look to plant at an alternative location to increase tree cover elsewhere in the town.

"I hope people allow these trees the chance to flourish and help create a greener Hertsmere."

In addition to the 150 trees planted in Aberford Park during 2020, we planted 100 trees and shrubs in King George Recreation Ground in Bushey to create shade, reduce surface flooding and improve biodiversity, 500 trees in Furzefield Woods in Potters Bar to restock the woodland, as well as 71 trees across our parks and open spaces.

Find out more about tree planting across the borough on our website: www.hertsmere.gov.uk/treesinparks
Posted on Wednesday 10th February 2021

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