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A new approach for Newberries

Last Modified July 11, 2019
Fresh opportunities for the development of Radlett’s Newberries car park are to be explored following agreement at a full council meeting last night (10 July).

It was agreed at the meeting that the previously approved scheme for a food retail store and a hotel at the car park site, which the council owns, would not now go ahead in light of a number of consultations.

It was also decided that the council would now look to inviting external parties on the open market to explore alternative development opportunities for the site.

Councillor John Graham, Portfolio Holder for Property and Finance, commented: “The location of this car park in the heart of Radlett lends itself to a number of opportunities that would be of benefit to local business and residents.

“Whilst we pride ourselves in our enterprising approach we also strive hard to be an authority that engages with our residents and communities. We have harnessed the views gathered through constructive dialogue with residents, businesses and business people, from emails and letters received, and dedicated focus group reports.

“We need to find an option that supports the vitality and viability of the area and creates jobs, brings in people and supports the local community. We also need this land to generate financial return for the council at a time when government grant funding continues to reduce.

“It is important that the appraisal of any bids for the site from the market are evaluated over the next few months so that we can move forward on a preferred scheme which retains the existing number of car parking spaces to meet demand at Newberries.

"We will continue to update and consult with local residents and interested parties on plans to find the most suitable option for the site in the coming months."
Posted on Thursday 11th July 2019

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