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Promoting South Mimms' heritage

Last Modified May 28, 2020

An expert assessment of the historic heart of a Hertsmere village has been conducted as part of an ongoing commitment to the borough’s heritage.

An appraisal of the South Mimms conservation area, conducted by environmental consultants Place Services and commissioned by us as part of our ongoing commitment to the borough’s heritage assets, has proposed ways the character of the area can be better promoted and enhanced.

It suggests changes to the area’s boundary, so that it includes two important Edwardian properties in Greyhound Lane and two locally listed homes in St Albans Road. In addition, it is suggested that some small areas are removed from the conservation area, including, an open piece of agricultural land and some grass verges and front gardens.

Conservation area appraisals are important as they can be used to help inform future development of sites. We’re in the process of developing a new Local Plan, which will shape how the borough grows and develops over the next 15 years.

A formal public consultation on the proposed conservation area boundary is expected to take place later this year, depending on government guidance following lockdown.

To read the appraisal and find out more about the changes go here.

Posted on Monday 1st June 2020

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