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Elections countdown - are you ready to have your say

Last Modified May 09, 2017

With just one month to go until the General Election, time is running out for you to register to vote.

The General Election takes place on Thursday 8 June 2017. By voting at the election you can have your say on who represents your constituency in the UK Parliament.

To have your say on who gets elected you must be registered to vote. The deadline for registering is midnight on Monday 22 May. If you have not yet registered to vote, or if you have moved house recently, you will need to register in order to be able to vote.

Our video, aimed particularly at younger voters, explains why it's important to get involved.

Details of candidates will be published on our website as soon as possible after 4pm on Thursday 11 May when they are confirmed, but it is down to individuals and their parties to promote themselves and why they want you to vote for them.

Voting in person at a polling station

If you want to vote in person and are registered, a poll card was sent to you around 6 May. If you do not receive a poll card please contact us. The card tells you where you should vote – you can only vote at your allocated polling station. It is helpful if you take your poll card with you but you don’t have to. The deadline to apply to vote in this way is midnight on Monday 22 May.

Voting by post

If you are registered for a postal vote you will be sent your ballot paper before the election and you will need to post it back to us. To vote by post you need to apply and forms have to be completed and returned by 5pm on Tuesday 23 May. The postal voting packs containing your ballot paper will be sent between Tuesday 23 and Friday 26 May. If you are going away before these dates and not returning until after 8 June you must consider appointing a proxy. Please contact Hertsmere for advice.

Voting by proxy

Proxy voting means another person can vote on your behalf. To have a proxy vote forms have to be completed and returned to us by 5pm on Wednesday 31 May. You can have someone vote on your behalf if:
• you will be away on holiday
• you have to work away from home
• you are ill or in hospital.

For more information and to apply online our registering to vote page.

If you are unsure if you are registered to vote or want a hard copy of any of the application forms please call 020 8207 7481 or email elections@hertsmere.gov.uk
You can find out more about voting in general from www.aboutmyvote.co.uk

Posted on Tuesday 9th May 2017

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