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European Parliamentary elections 2019

Last Modified May 16, 2019
European Parliamentary elections are due to take place on Thursday 23 May to elect seven Members to the Parliament of the European Union for the Eastern region.

Find candidate details on our European Elections page, but it is down to individuals and their parties to promote themselves and why they want you to vote for them.

One of the most common questions to the council during an election is ‘where do I vote?’

To reduce confusion, we have launched a poll station location finder that enables residents to find out where they vote simply by entering their address into the search bar.

In 2019, the council conducted a review of the borough's polling districts and polling places to ensure all voters have access to reasonable facilities, which has resulted in new polling stations being created. In addition, changes have been made to some of Hertsmere's ward boundaries after consultation with local residents by The Independent Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE).

Sam Langford, Electoral Services Manager for Hertsmere Borough Council, said: “With the European Parliamentary elections taking place soon, it is essential residents know where and how to vote.

“With changes to a few polling stations, as a result of our polling stations review and the recent ward boundary consultation, we want to make it as simple as possible for resident’s to get involved and vote. The new poll station finder on our website is quick and easy to use, so even if you’ve misplaced your poll card, you know where to go to vote in May.”

Hertsmere currently uses around 50 different locations across the borough, including village and church halls, schools and community centres.

If you are registered to vote, you will have been sent a poll card. If you have not received a poll card please contact our Electoral Services team on 020 8207 7481 or email elections@hertsmere.gov.uk. The card tells you where you should vote – you can only vote at your allocated polling station. You are not required to take your poll card with you to vote.

If after 5pm on Wednesday 15 May you are unable to attend the polling station due to a work or medical emergency, please contact the elections team as you may still qualify for a proxy vote.

To find out more about the voting in the European Elections in Hertsmere or which Polling Station you are to vote at visit our European Elections 2019 page.
Posted on Thursday 16th May 2019

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