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Last Modified October 19, 2015

Oakmere Park in Potters BarAnyone aged 12 years or over who fishes for salmon, trout, freshwater fish or eels in England and Wales must have an Environment Agency Rod Fishing Licence.

A rod licence is required by law and allows you to use a rod and line to fish. Rod licences are issued by the Environment Agency and can be bought from any Post Office in England and Wales or by paying online.

Permits - often referred to as tickets or day tickets – are also required and give permission to fish in particular water or waters. They are issued by the owners, such as fishery owners, angling clubs etc.
Fishing in Hertsmere:

Oakmere Park, Potters Bar High Street, has two large lakes with freshwater fish.
You will need a permit from the Potters Bar and District Angling Club. Application forms can be collected from the Potters Bar Angling Centre, 248 High Street, Potters Bar, tel 01707 642947.


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