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Potterswood Park & Studio Way Woodland Trail

Last Modified January 28, 2016

The park has recently had a facelift, with two football goal units, a challenging multi-play and a basket swing being installed. It is part of the Studio Way Woodland Trail.

Scene Change at Studio Way

Working with the Countryside Management Service we have successfully secured Heritage Lottery Funding for an exciting project, Scene Change at Studio Way. Plans to bring the history of Studio Way back to life have been drawn up, in consultation with local residents.

The first phase of the project is to undertake woodland management works around the site to improve access. From Tuesday 2nd February for approximately 4 weeks, contractors will be on site cutting back paths.

Future improvements include:Heritage-Lottery-Fund

  • Improving access by opening up and resurfacing footpaths and linking routes around the site.
  • Restoring wildlife habitats by carrying out: woodland management, restoration of old hedgerows, planting of native Oak trees and removal of invasive species, most to be carried out by volunteers.
  • Creating welcoming and accessible entrances to the park with welcome signs and a main entrance feature.
  • Installing interpretative information around the site highlighting its wildlife and heritage.
  • Engaging volunteers and local people on practical tasks and guided walks.

Green Space Action Plan for the Studio Way Woodland Trail and Potterswood Park

A Green Space Action Plan (GAP) has been produced by Countryside Management Service in conjunction with Hertsmere to outline the future management of the woodland trail for the next five years (2014 to 2019).

The plan includes the management and removal of mature poplar trees and maintenance of existing and recently planted woodland. There will also be improvements to ensure visitor access and experience is of a high standard.

For further details please see the Green Space Action Plan.

This year's phase of poplar removal, several of which were dead or dying, to allow for natural woodland regeneration was carried out in February to the rear of Bray Close, Danziger Way, Neagle Close and Wilcox Close.  Next year, further trees will be removed to the rear of Danziger Way and Wilcox Close as identified in the Action Plan.

Where can I find it?

Off Denham Way
Potterswood Park

What does it offer?

  • Children's play area - for children up to age eight
  • Football goal units
  • Footpath - lit
  • Litter bins
  • Meadow areas
  • Open grassland
  • Picnic area
  • Seating
  • Tree planting
  • Woodland

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