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Mary Forsdyke Garden and Warren Lake

Last Modified August 25, 2017

The park is located in the heart of Bushey Heath and includes Mary Forsdyke Garden and Warren Lake.

Mary Forsdyke entrance signWhen is it open?

October to April from 8am to 4pm

May to September from 8am to 7pm

Where can I find it? 

High Road, opposite St Peter’s Church

Bushey Heath

WD23 1EA

There is a public pay and display car park in High Road and the entrance to the garden is next door.



What's on offer?

  • Formal garden
  • Friends group
  • Information panels
  • Bird bath sculpture
  • Lake
  • Litter bins
  • Mature trees
  • Christmas Tree
  • Seating
  • Lakeland Walk


Improvement Project  

  • The Lake – The dirtiest job of the lot! The lake has been drained in order to remove a large amount of silt which has built up over the years.  Where possible we spread the silt within the park to improve planting conditions and once complete a number of aquatic plants, including iris and water lillies were planted as the water began to refill through rainfall and natural springs.  warren Lake de-siltOnce the water level in the lake is back to its maximum depth a series of three aerators will be installed to provide oxygen.
  • Boardwalk and footpaths – two companies were appointed to deliver these works following a full procurement process.  The boardwalk across the lake has been constructed of recycled plastic to be hard wearing with little maintenance required.  The path network was upgraded and topped with a mix of stone and rubber which means it is flexible and less likely to crack in the future - 1212 recycled tyres were used on these footpaths!
  • Trees - new trees have been planted in the garden including the large MFG treesChristmas tree at the High Road entrance.  Also planted is a magnolia which already flowered in its first year, a beech around the lake and a Japanese Maple which will soon provide a variety of colours throughout the year - starting with a shot of shrimp pink in the garden when the leaves unfurl, through to green before going crimson red in the autumn. 


  • Hedges - 300 beech trees have been planted around the perimeter of the garden area to provide a new permanent boundary hedgeline.MFG hedge


  • Planting – Tidying up of the existing beds has been completed with new planting area created with different planting schemes and themes.  In total over 350 new plants have been added to the garden and around the lake.
  • Wildflowers – 400m2 of wildflower turf has been laid at the High Road and Warren Road entrances and along the bank along The Lake containing a mix of 34 UK native wildflowers and grasses, with the addition of approximately 15 non-native perennial flowers.


More details can be found on the attached plan.

The project was funded through section 106 contributions received by the council from local developments.

To find out more about this park and over a hundred flagship parks across Hertfordshire, visit www.ParksHerts.co.uk. You can also like us on Facebook: facebook/ParksHerts, or follow us on twitter: @ParksHerts and Instagram:ParksHerts.



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