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Mary Forsdyke Garden and Warren Lake

Last Modified February 09, 2017

The park is located in the heart of Bushey Heath and includes Mary Forsdyke Garden and Warren Lake.

Mary Forsdyke entrance signWhen is it open?

October to April from 8am to 4pm

May to September from 8am to 7pm


Where can I find it? 

High Road, opposite St Peter’s Church

Bushey Heath

WD23 1EA

There is a public pay and display car park in High Road and the entrance to the garden is next door.


Warren LakeWhat's on offer?

  • Formal garden
  • Friends group
  • Information panels
  • Bird bath sculpture
  • Lake
  • Litter bins
  • Mature trees
  • Seating
  • Lakeland Walk


Proposed improvements

We are currently working an a series of improvements to the site which include –

  • Improvements to the planting – Some of the shrubs have become overgrown or too large for their position. Selective removal will take place in the garden and around the lake and the beds will be formalised include a more traditional herbaceous bed as well as a new bed with themed planting and an ornamental maple centrepiece in the garden.  The planting will also be improved by the Warren Road entrance.   The new planting will aim to provide all year round interest.  New areas of hedgerows will be planted to provide structure around the boundaries.
  • Improvements to the footpaths – The whole path network will be improved.  We are looking to remove the railings between the garden and the lake and install an additional path route and the path around the lake will be widened to 2m along its length.  It will be topped with a mix of stone and rubber which means it is flexible and less likely to crack in the future and the same surface will be used throughout.  Where the path width cannot be widened by the willow tree along Warren Road, we are proposing installing a boardwalk across the lake.  A new section of path will then be added to this which provides the choice to avoid the steep incline in the current footpath.  The existing plaques will be reinstalled onto the new path surface.
  • Tree works – A tree health condition survey has been carried out on all of the trees within the site and any required works will be carried out prior to or during the project.  Some poor specimens have already been identified as requiring removal to accommodate the wider footpath as well opening up the join between the garden and the lake.  The weeping ash may also have to be removed but as yet no decision has been made on this.  Additional tree planting will take place including the ornamental maple, a replacement Beech tree, an additional magnolia opposite the existing memorial one by the High Road entrance and a permanent Christmas tree for the town.  The Christmas tree would be planted at approx. 6m height.
  • Wildflower meadows – We are looking to introduce areas of wildflower meadows within the site to provide changing blasts of colour as well as additional habitat.  Different mixes will be used dependant on the amount of light/shade in the identified areas.
  • Lake improvements – In order to improve the water quality of the lake we are looking at de-silting the lake and installing mechanical aerators to provide additional oxygen.  We will also be repairing some of the banks and in certain sections installing planted coir rolls containing iris.  When in flower, these iris, along with some water lillies will provide colour.
  • Signage – New signage will be produced including a map and relevant park information. 
  • Welcoming entrances – All of the entrance will be improved to create a more welcoming experience for the visitors.  The vehicle gate by the The Lake entrance will also be reconfigured.


More details can be found on the attached plan.

The project is being funded through section 106 contributions received by the Council from local developments.

We are currently reviewing feedback on these proposals.  In order to carry out the works, the site will be closed for public access from Monday 20 February and will remain closed for the duration of the improvement project.    



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