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The Moatfield Recreation Ground

Last Modified August 25, 2017

Moatfield ducksThe Moatfield is an historic site that dates back to medieval times. It was once the site of a medieval manor house called Bournehall which was completely surrounded by a large moat. Although the house is no longer there, the name is remembered in the name of local streets such as Bournehall Lane, Bourne Road, Moatfield Road and the adjacent Bournehall School.

The site has been identified as an Area of Archaeological Significance because of its size and good preservation. Various archaeological surveys have been carried out on the site.

Our Moatfield history leaflet gives more information.

The play area was extended in 2011 and includes a zip wire, small kick about area with goal units, mounds connected by a bridge, nest swing, climbing unit, spinning dish, Duel swing and an obstacle course (monkey bars, stepping logs, climbing net and boulders).

Where can I find it?

Between Moatfield Road and Bournehall Lane
WD23 3JU

What does it offer?

  • Bulb areas
  • Car park off Bournehall Lane (open October to April - 8am to 4pm, May to September - 8am to 7pm)
  • Children's play area (play equipment suitable for children up to age 14)Moatfield entrance
  • Fitness equipment for adults
  • Friends group
  • Football pitches x 4
  • Interpretation panels
  • Litter bins
  • Moat
  • Medieval plant bed
  • Open grassland
  • Pavilion/Club house
  • Scout hut
  • Shelter


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