Trees are a very important part of the local environment provide many benefits including; providing shelter, cooling the air, stabilising the soil, improving air quality, reducing noise, creating wildlife habitats and improving the landscape.

The Park's and Amenities Section are responsible for the management of over 14,000 trees in our parks, open spaces, nature reserves, amenity greens and woodlands.

We carry out surveys of all of our trees to develop a works schedule with the aim to provide and maintain a healthy tree stock.  We also encourage new tree planting of appropriate species in suitable locations.

Our tree works are prioritised on health and safety grounds and we will:-

  • Prune/remove low branches to provide adequate clearance over paths, cycle routes and roads.
  • Prune branches in physical contact with buildings.
  • Remove damaged branches.


However, please note that we cannot:-

  • Prune or fell trees that block sunlight.
  • Prune or fell trees to improve TV/satellite reception.
  • Prune or fell trees to reduce or prevent leaf fall, falling fruits, animal droppings, blossom or sap drip.
  • Prune or fell trees that overhang gardens.


We will also only consider trees for removal when they are:-

  • Structurally unsafe or leaning dangerously.
  • Damaged and potentially dangerous.
  • Diseased or dead (we will leave standing deadwood in parks for wildlife where appropriate).


If you have an enquiry over a Hertsmere related tree please contact us on 020 8207 7519 or and our team will investigate and action where appropriate.  Work will be prioritised on Health and Safety grounds, available resources and seasonal conditions.  There will be occasions when work can not be justified  and others where there may be a delay before any work can be carried out.