Museum re-opening

The museum will re-open on Tuesday 25 May from 2:30pm - 4:30pm. Opening hours will then be Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 2.30pm - 4.30pm.


Potters Bar Museum tells the story of the growth of Potters Bar from a tiny village on the Great North Road, to the thriving present day town. 

History of the museum

The Museum opened in 1990 and offers a delightful nostalgic jumble of items relating to Potters Bar and the local area.  It is in one of the earliest known sites of interest in the area, facing the timber-framed Wyllyotts Manor, part of which dates back to the 14th century (now used as a restaurant and a public house).

There is reason to believe that the site has been occupied since the Iron Age and certainly Roman times.

What's on display

The Museum contains much pottery and artefacts which were found during the construction of the Wyllyotts Centre and allows visitors to relive some of the history of the place.

The Museum also contains many items from other sites in and around Potters Bar and from the motte-and-bailey castle at South Mimms, which for many years lay unrecognised or forgotten.

Some natural history items are also on display, together with fossils, geological specimens like Hertfordshire Pudding Stones, and a selection of Mesolithic stone implements used by the earliest known inhabitants.

Featured collections include a wide range of novelty telephones and relics of the Zeppelin L31 which was shot down over Potters Bar in 1916. 

In addition, the Museum has a changing temporary display every six months. 

Get in touch

The Museum volunteers offer group tours and lectures by arrangement.

Find out more about the museum in their leaflet or check out the latest information and get in touch via the Potters Bar Museum Facebook page.