UPDATE: The cemetery is closed to the public following government guidance. Burials and services will still be taking place.

Allum Lane Cemetery is located at Allum Lane, Elstree, Herts, WD6 3NN

Funerals can be held between 10.30am to 2.30pm any weekday (except on bank holidays)

Consecrated plots (blessed by a Church of England Bishop) and unconsecrated plots are available for burials

Ashes graves are all in consecrated grounds

A car park is located by the entrance and visitor parking is available throughout the grounds

Toilets can be found in the waiting room building located adjacent to the car park.

Restricted vehicle access may be in force whilst funerals are in process

Allum Lane Cemetery in Elstree was originally opened in the early sixties with the first burial in July 1962. It stands on the grounds of the old Radnor Hall Estate, which was demolished in the late 1950s.

Burials and graves

Graves can be bought for one, two or three interments.

Graves in full plots can be reopened with the permission of the grave owner providing that the grave is not already full.

Muslim graves are located in Sections M and N of the cemetery.

Cremations do not take place at the cemetery but cremated remains can be buried there. Each ashes grave can contain up to four caskets. New graves for cremated remains are situated together in the area of the cemetery marked TCR although old graves can be reopened to include ashes providing they are not full.

There are a small number of common graves within the cemetery. A maximum of three burials will be made in a common grave and ownership of these stays with the council.


Allum Lane is a lawn cemetery designed to look neat and be easy to maintain. This means only certain types of memorials are allowed and no upright headstones, fencing around graves or grave edging is permitted.  For more information and sizes on memorials please contact the Cemetery Officer on cemetery@hertsmere.gov.uk

Gravel or stone chippings are NOT to be laid by individuals. A uniform strip of chippings will be put down by the council when various rows are completed.

No dogs (apart from guide dogs) are permitted within the grounds of the cemetery.

Memorial Garden

We have a Memorial Garden and run a commemorative scheme to give people the opportunity to remember a loved one in a variety of ways. We allow commemorative roses and trees, wall plaques and benches