Most of our play areas, sports courts and gym equipment reopened on Saturday 4 July.

To find out more about visiting safely please see our guidance for play areas and sports equipment.

There are three parks in Elstree, including the largest council managed park.

Parkfields and Allum Lane Spinney

Hertsmere's largest park can be found in Elstree with wildflower meadows, woodland, bridle and cycleways, artificial football pitch and an exciting play area including 'Toddlerwood'.

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Parkfields and Allum Lane Spinney Greenspace Action Plan

Parkfields and beyond walk leaflet

Composers Park

Colourful wildflower meadows in Elstree including an extensive play and kickabout area.

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Composers Park Leaflet

Composers Park and beyond

Elstree Hill North Play Area

Stop off along the Public Right of Way (EB06) from Elstree Crossroads to Borehamwood Train Station at the play area for children under eight.