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Last Modified May 14, 2019

Sports in Hertsmere

Information on Hertsmere Leisure, the Motivate4 card, sports pitches and courts in Hertsmere, and other leisure and sports opportunities.

Leisure Centres in Hertsmere

Find out about the leisure facilities in Hertsmere run by InspireAll (formerly known as Hertsmere Leisure).

Overview of Sports and Leisure Opportunities

Sports and physical activities in Hertsmere - find out about and join in with healthy activities, walks, sports and fitness programmes across the borough.

Sports clubs database

Sports clubs in Hertsmere - explore our directory of sports clubs throughout the borough from football and cricket to tennis and swimming, plus much more!

Sports pitches and courts

Sports pitches and courts in Hertsmere - find out about hiring or competing at a range of pitches and courts including tennis, football and astro turf.

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