Radlett (North) has a conservation area which covers the High Street area.

We review conservation areas from time to time to see whether any additional locations should be included, or if any others need to be removed.

We look at issues such as why the area should be protected as a historically important part of the borough, consider good, neutral and poor features of the area so that recommendations for improvement can be made.

The Radlett High Street Conservation Area was last reviewed and updated in 2010. The latest change saw the removal of all six residential properties on Barn Close, a 1970s residential development of six detached houses, from the conservation area. Whilst Barn Close is considered to represent a fine example of post-war development, it was felt it did not reflect the more important periods in the historic development of this area of Radlett.

View the 2010 appraisal: Radlett (North) Conservation Area Appraisal Report October 2010 (PDF 45mb)

Barn Close notification letter (November 2010) (PDF 72kb)

Where is the Radlett (North) conservation area?

What does being in a conservation area mean?

When designating or amending conservation areas we look at how an area should be protected as a historically important part of the borough and the ways in which the character could be preserved and enhanced for future generations.

Being in a conservation area affects what you can and cannot do to your property in a bid to protect the area. This includes:

  • Design guidance for development
  • Controls around advertisements on shop fronts
  • Guidance for specific buildings to prevent alterations that would damage their character and appearance
  • The requirement to notify the council of any proposed work to substantial trees in the area


The Council will also consider the following:

  • Improvements to the pedestrian environment, a reduction in street clutter and the removal of graffiti
  • Possible Tree Preservation Orders protecting the trees within Barn Close.