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Shenley Conservation Area Appraisal

Last Modified October 19, 2015

Changes to the boundary of Shenley's conservation area were made in June 2012.The Cage Pond within the Shenley Conservation Area

We review conservation areas from time to time to see whether any additional locations should be included, or if any others need to be removed. We carry out this work with the help of conservation experts, the Built Environment Advisory and Management Service (BEAMS), part of the Hertfordshire Buildings Preservation Trust, and consult with the public.

We look at issues such as why the area should be protected as a historically important part of the borough, and consider good, neutral and poor features of the area so that recommendations for improvement can be made and areas can be preserved for the future.

What boundary changes have been made?

  • The conservation area to the south from London Road towards Silver Hill has been extended. The extension includes buildings at Pursleys Farm, Tomten at 15 London Road, and other buildings between.
  • Areas that have been redeveloped since the conservation area was first designated have been removed. These include all properties in Mulberry Gardens, Juniper Gardens, Hazel Court, Whitebeam Close and Rowan Close, and The Dell on Radlett Lane.
  • The boundary has been redefined around the former Shenley Hospital site to take into account changes to current plot lines, including Ashmeads Court, 22 Andrew Close, 29 Pippin Close, 6 Wickets End and The Gateways on Radlett Lane.

Where can I see the map, latest report and recommendations?

Find out more: 

Or you can visit us at our office below to see the reports.


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