We maintain a List of Locally Important Buildings in Hertsmere, which includes over 380 buildings of local significance. Inclusion on the local list provides extra protection for buildings which are not on the national register of listed buildings.

We sought the views of residents on the addition and removal of buildings from the list in February 2015. Letters were sent out to residents who are directly affected.

The documents below give the current full list of Locally Listed Buildings/Structures, as at June 2016. This has been updated following public and member consultation.

The Local List is available to download below either as a single document or in sections which have been divide up according to the area of the borough they relate to.

Complete Local List:

List of Locally Listed Buildings in Hertsmere (Complete List) (PDF 9.5mb)

Local List split up by area:

More about locally listed buildings


Locally listed buildings are important buildings or structures of historical, or architectural, interest to the local community. Although they may not be of sufficient merit to be designated by Historic England as Grade I, II* or II buildings on the statutory list, they can still have an important role in defining the character and appearance of an area.

We define locally listed buildings as those that contribute to a streetscape or rural landscape, or that may be of interest because of an historic connection or some other local community significance.

Our list of Locally Important Buildings was developed in consultation with the public and heritage groups and contains over 380 entries, comprising  a wide range of buildings, monuments and other structures, from a Sir Norman Foster designed house that was used in the film A Clockwork Orange (pictured above right) to a 19th century building that was originally used to house old Boreham Wood's National School (pictured top right).

The Local List identifies these buildings and structures so that they can be afforded extra protection through the planning process. This means that there will be a presumption against the demolition of buildings and structures on the list, and an additional basis for the Council to require that extensions and external alterations are sympathetic to the original building.

Being on the Local List does not affect a building's permitted development rights, and it does not mean that you will not be able to carry out improvement work to your home.

The majority of buildings on the Local List are in private ownership, and being placed on the list does not in any way impact on ownership. It also does not make the buildings accessible to the public; there is no right of access to buildings on the Local List or on Historic England's statutory list..

Although the List of Locally Important Buildings is now finalised, you can still nominate a building to be considered when the list is next reviewed. Please email local.plan@hertsmere.gov.uk.