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Demolition of buildings in Hertsmere

Last Modified October 19, 2015

Building Act 1984 - Sections 80, 81 and 82

If you intend to demolish a building you must give us written notice six weeks before demolition work starts, to allow for an initial site inspection and notification to amenity providers and relevant bodies.

During this period we will issue a Counter Notice. This notice, when served, outlines the conditions under which the demolition should take place. These conditions would normally include:

  • weathering and shoring up adjacent buildings
  • the removal of rubbish and debris as a result of the work
  • the repair of any damage to an adjacent building caused by the demolition works
  • enclosing the site to prevent unauthorised access
  • disconnecting and sealing of redundant drains
  • a general site security statement and demolition plan.


You will also need to obtain planning permission and investigate, where relevant, the presence and subsequent removal of toxic materials (e.g. Asbestos). If a building is found to contain these types of materials, the matter is referred to the Health and Safety Executive.

Our Environmental Health team control dust and noise pollution.

We regularly inspect demolition work to ensure the conditions of the Counter Notice are met.

From the 1st April 2013, all Demolition Notices are subject to a £80.00 administration charge.  Please forward a cheque (made payable to “Hertsmere Borough Council”) along with your application form, or telephone 0208 207 7456 to pay by debit card.

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