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Part P - Electrical safety requirements

Last Modified October 19, 2015

Part P - Electrical safety requirements

What is the scope of Part P?

All electrical work carried out in or around a building that include:

  • The installation of a new circuit (major works)
  • New houses, extensions, conservatories, porches, garden sheds, summerhouses, greenhouse, electrically operated garage doors.
  • The addition to or modification to any circuit in or around; kitchens, bathrooms, locations containing a bath tub, shower or basin, swimming pools, paddling pools, gardens and garden water features, hot air saunas
  • Electric floor or ceiling heating systems
  • Garden lighting or power supply systems
  • Solar photovoltaic (PV) power supply systems
  • Small scale generators such as microchip units
  • Extra-low voltage lighting installations


    What should you do?

    You need to ensure the electrical work meets the requirements of the new electrical safety regulations. If you are organising the work yourself, speak to the electrician, builder or installer, to satisfy yourself the work meets regulation requirements. If you are unsure, please contact one of the organisations below.

    How to comply

    Option 1 - Use a registered competent person (Notifiable)

    Use an electrician registered within the “Competent Person Scheme”, which allows them to design, install and certify their work is in compliance with regulations and issue a “Domestic Inspection Certificate” to us.

    The “Competent” electrician will have to be registered to a Government approved scheme such as BRE Certification, British Standards Institute, NAPIT, NICEIC, ECA, Elecsa. Contact details of these scheme operators are provided below. A full list of Competent Person Scheme operators and a ‘search for an installer’ facility is available on the Competent Person webpage.

    Option 2 - Use a Building Control service (Local Authority or private company) - Notifiable

    If you intend to carry out electrical works, whether or not they are being carried out with other controllable building works, you need to complete the Electrical Safety Building Notice (ESBN) form. A charge will be payable if the electrical works are being carried out in isolation to any other building works.

    Under the various electrical organisation’s rules, work can be self-certified only by the competent person who carried out that work. This rules out certification of compliance by a third party other than a building control body or an agent appointed by them.

    Failure to use a Registered Competent Person or a Building Control service may result in the work not being approved under the Building Regulations and could lead to a delay in issuing a Completion Certificate and the need to submit a regularisation application. This would mean additional expense for you in having to prove compliance retrospectively and may involve opening up parts of the new work. In certain instances legal action could be taken and this again may involve additional expense being incurred by the householder.

    Option 3 - Use a third party Competent Person for Minor DIY work (Non Notifiable)

    An exception for the need to use a Registered Competent Person or submit an ESBN application is made for minor work carried by DIY enthusiasts. Compliance would be achieved by following ‘authoritative guidance’, and then to have a “Competent” third party person inspect and test the work, and issue to the owner a “Minor Works Certificate”. Contact Building Control if you need information as to what constitutes minor work.

    Part P Electrical Safety Notice online form

    Part P Electrical Safety form


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