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Community Infrastructure Levy: Strategic Fund

Last Modified May 15, 2024

Strategic CIL Bid Funding

CIL Monies collected from developers are designed to fund strategic infrastructure such as projects that support schools, health centres and other community projects.

They need to comply with the Infrastructure Funding Statement CIL spend priority list which can be found here: Infrastructure Funding Statement and Annual Reports - Hertsmere Borough Council

We are accepting Strategic CIL bids for the delivery of new infrastructure to meet the needs of growth across the borough. Bids will be received and assessed by the Community Infrastructure Levy Investment Panel (CILIP) which will meet on the following dates over the next year:

  • 25 June 2024
  • 7 November 2024
  • 5 March 2025


In order have your bid considered at the relevant CILIP panel, the bid must be received no later than three weeks ahead of the meeting in order for the assessment to be carried out by officers. Those bids received after the officer deadline will be considered at the next available meeting.

All bids recommended by CILIP will be considered by Cabinet and Council and they will have the final decision.

Please refer to the documents below for further information including the application form which needs to be completed.

Application process:

Please refer to the documents below for guidance on submitting the form and our spending procedure. The following form must be completed in order for a form to be considered: Strategic Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Bid funding round form.

See the following guidance:

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