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6 f) Parking and Travel Plans

Last Modified September 27, 2019

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Parking and Travel Plans


Local Plan Policies

NPPF paragraphs

SP1, SP2, CS24, CS25

36, 175


Encouraging a modal shift whilst also ensuring there is a sufficient on and off-street parking capacity associated with a development are fundamental requirements of new development in the borough, for the benefit of new and existing residents.   

General approach

Green Travel Plans (GTPs) offer a wide range of benefits both to employers and employees as well as for the local area and will be expected to accompany planning applications in line with Policy CS24.

Developments are expected to create a sufficient amount of parking spaces on-site as required in the council’s adopted Parking Standards SPD, or to find alternative provision elsewhere. The use of existing on-street parking will not be accepted as meeting this requirement. 

In areas where on-street parking is at capacity, the council may preclude any future development from obtaining resident parking permits in controlled parking areas. 

Where the development will increase the use of on-street parking, in an area already experiencing parking problems, the council may request the applicant to contribute to the cost of creating, or expanding a CPZ. 



All development



On site provision    

Where this cannot be met on-site

Developments are to provide a level of parking consistent with the policies set out in the councils adopted parking standards SPD.

Developers will be required to secure suitable parking provision off-site, possibly through agreement with an adjacent landowner to utilise over provision of off-street parking within a neighbouring development



All development not able to meet the adopted parking standards on-site in areas with existing parking problems


Controlled Parking Zones

Where exceptionally a development is unable to provide suitable on-site parking, or arrange alternative provision, a contribution may be requested to enable the council to undertake the necessary legal process to adopt a new, or expand an existing, Controlled Parking Zone.

The council’s traffic engineer will be able to confirm whether such a contribution is necessary



All development not able to meet the adopted parking standards on-site in areas with existing parking problems


Travel Plan


In line with Policy CS24



Full guidance on developing and implementing Travel Plans in Hertfordshire is contained in the Hertfordshire County Council Travel Plan Guidance.

Legal agreements can be used to help secure travel plans, including school travel plans. Council officers will ensure that conditions for Green Travel Plans are entered onto the council’s own in-house planning and building control database.



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