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6 h) Monitoring and Administration

Last Modified September 27, 2019

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Monitoring and Administration

Local Plan Policies

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This contribution will ensure that there is a consistent and efficient approach to the implementation and monitoring of the S106 agreement, including any obligations associated with the delivery or funding of Affordable Housing.

General approach

Monitoring and administration contribution: Hertsmere Borough Council has in place a monitoring and maintaining system for S106 (this does not include legal fees).


Housing development

Considerable monitoring of residential schemes and their associated s106 legal agreement can be required where the full amount of Affordable Housing is not provided on-site from the outset, in order to ensure that a development continues to be acceptable in planning terms.

This includes tracking when units have been sold, ensuring that off-site units provided are genuinely affordable (in line with this SPD and in consultation with the Council’s Housing department), additional work on the part of the Council required as part of any clawback stage and obtaining required information from the Land Registry.

The Council will seek a modest monitoring and administration fee of £100 per residential unit permitted as part of the application on schemes of up to 10 units, and £50 for each additional unit up to 100 units alongside any proportion of CIL receipts which the Council may use for monitoring (up to 5% of CIL receipts).

On all schemes of above 100 units, any monitoring fee will be agreed on a site by site basis. The fee will be index linked to increases in CPI from the date of adoption of this SPD.



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