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Hertsmere Local Plan 2003

Last Modified November 24, 2016

Following the adoption of the Site Allocations and Development Management (SADM) Policies Plan on 23 November 2016, the 2003 Local Plan is no longer being used in planning decisions.

Please refer to the current Local Plan (2013-2027) for Hertsmere, which is made up of the Core Strategy 2013, SADM Policies Plan 2016 and Elstree Way Corridor Area Action Plan 2015.

See the Local Plan 2013-2027 page for more information.

2003 Local Plan

Hertsmere Local Plan 2003

We have a statutory duty to guide development within our borough and use a number of policies and guides to do so.

The Local Plan contains policies relating to a number of important issues including the Green Belt, housing, employment and transport. Some policies in the have been superseded by the Core Strategy 2013 so are no longer being used. Please see the list of Local Plan 2003 policies which no longer have effect.

The emerging Site Allocations and Development Management Policies Plan (published 2015) is also being used in the determination of planning applications (from 31 July 2015) subject to unresolved objections to specific policies.

Until our New Local Plan is completed we will continue to use our saved policies from the Local Plan 2003 to assess planning applications alongside the Core Strategy (2013), Elstree Way Corridor Area Action Plan (2015) and emerging Site Allocations and Development Management Policies Plan (submitted for Examination in November 2015)

Local Plan - proposals maps

Our maps below provide some guidance as to the areas in which Local Plan Policies are applied. Please note that these maps do not represent the definitive Local Plan Proposals Map as their resolution is lower, and therefore they do show as much detail..

The map sections cover:

A. Radlett, Aldenham, Letchmore Heath, Munden & North Bushey

B. Bushey, Bushey Heath & Elstree 

C. Shenley, Ridge & South Mimms

D. Borehamwood & Dyrham Park

E. Potters Bar, Bentley Heath & Wrotham Park

F. Coursers Road & Tyttenhanger

Map Key

Please contact the Planning Policy Team by email if you require a detailed check of the constraints on a specific site. Please attach a location plan to enable the site to be accurately located.


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