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Hertsmere Local Plan 2003 - SUPERCEDED

Last Modified January 25, 2017

Following the adoption of the Site Allocations and Development Management (SADM) Policies Plan on 23 November 2016, the 2003 Local Plan is no longer being used in planning decisions.

For current policies, please refer to the current Local Plan 2013-2027 for Hertsmere, which is made up of the Core Strategy 2013, SADM Policies Plan 2016 and Elstree Way Corridor Area Action Plan 2015.

2003 Local Plan (for information only - no longer being used in planning decisions)

Hertsmere Local Plan 2003

Local Plan 2003 - proposals maps (provided for information purposes only - THESE ARE NOT CURRENT)

Please note that these maps are not the current Policies Map. See the current Policies Map for maps representing the policies in the Local Plan 2012-2027.

The map sections cover:

A. Radlett, Aldenham, Letchmore Heath, Munden & North Bushey

B. Bushey, Bushey Heath & Elstree 

C. Shenley, Ridge & South Mimms

D. Borehamwood & Dyrham Park

E. Potters Bar, Bentley Heath & Wrotham Park

F. Coursers Road & Tyttenhanger

Map Key

Please contact the Planning Policy Team by email if you require a detailed check of the constraints on a specific site. Please attach a location plan to enable the site to be accurately located.

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