The Core Strategy (PDF 1.70mb) was adopted in January 2013 and forms a part of the Local Plan for Hertsmere (2012-2027).

About the Core Strategy

The Core Strategy sets out our vision for development in Hertsmere until 2027, addressing national and regional policy requirements, as well as local community needs.

The document seeks to strike a balance between the borough’s housing and economic development needs, social welfare and protection of the environment. It sets the framework for more detailed planning policies and provides the foundation for decisions on planning applications and development proposals.

This plan influences how and where land is allocated for development, but does not allocate specific sites. The adopted Site Allocations and Development Management Polices Plan (adopted November 2016) allocates sites and contains more detailed policies for use in the determination of planning applications.

The Core Strategy January 2013 was adopted at a Full Council meeting on 16 January 2013. The document now forms part of the Local Plan and is used in the determination of all planning applications registered on or after 17 January 2013. 

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We submitted the Core Strategy for Examination in February 2012 and public hearings were held during May 2012, conducted by an independent inspector. Following the hearings, a number of issues were raised, requiring some further amendments to the Core Strategy. The proposed ‘main modifications’ were published for public consultation ending in October 2012.

The Inspector's Report (PDF 287kb) was published on 5 December 2012 along with the Appendices (PDF 913kb).