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Planning for Growth - a new Local Plan for Hertsmere

Last Modified September 28, 2017
Work is just beginning oLocal-Plan-Logo-whiten a new Local Plan for Hertsmere. The Plan is important because it will affect how our towns, villages and countryside will look and feel in the future. It will identify what sorts of development will be allowed where, and what areas need protecting or improving. It will be used in determining planning applications and to guide investment decisions across the borough. So it will have a major influence on how our area will change and develop in the future.  

There are important decisions to be made about how we live and work in the borough over the next 15 years. The latest projections show a need for approximately 9,000 new homes during that period and a similar number of new jobs. This would mean more than doubling the rate of housebuilding that has been achieved in recent years. New schools, health facilities, local jobs, parks, leisure facilities and improvements to our roads and public transport will also be needed to ensure residents have a good quality of life. We need to make sure that new development is sensibly located and well designed, and that it benefits and meets the needs of our changing community.  The new Local Plan will set out what is needed and how these facilities will be provided.

Issues and Options consultation

Consultation is now open on our Issues and Options report, from Wednesday 27 September 2017 until Thursday 30 November 2017.


About this document

We need your views on how you think we should plan for the new homes, jobs and infrastructure (eg schools, doctor’s surgeries, shops) required to meet the future needs of Hertsmere’s communities. The new Local Plan will identify what sorts of development will be allowed where, and the factors that we will take into account when planning applications for any sort of development are put forward. It will have a major influence on how places across Hertsmere will change and develop over the next two decades.

At the end of last year we asked local residents and groups for their initial views on what they like about the borough and what they thought should change. We received responses from almost 300 individuals and organisations which helped us identify

  • The Planning Issues facing the borough and
  • Options for how we can meet the challenges and opportunities that these issues raise.

Read the report of these responses.

Your responses to this Issues and Options consultation will be used to help create an initial draft of the new Local Plan and so play an important role in helping to shape the future of the borough. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Please let us have your views, preferably by submitting your responses through the Consultation Portal, by midnight on Thursday 30 November 2017.

View and comment on the Issues and Options report on our Consultation Portal.

The consultation runs from Wednesday 27 September 2017 until Thursday 30 November 2017.



Find out more and take part

To get involved you can:

  • read the Issues and Options report on our Consultation Portal, along with background information and the questions on which we would like your views.
  • look out for Issue 2 of our Local Plan Newsletter (Autumn 2017), which is being sent to all households in the borough during late September/early October 2017.
  • see us at an event in October/November: see the New Local Plan Events page
  • look at the supporting studies which provide evidence for the new Local Plan
  • view paper copies of these documents during the consultation period (from 2 October 2017) at local libraries, Parish Council offices, and Hertsmere Borough Council offices (during their normal opening hours).
  • fill out a response form and email this to us at local.plan@hertsmere.gov.uk or write to the Planning Policy Team at the address below.

If you are already on our consultation database you will have received login details recently from the 'consult@objective.co.uk' email address. Anyone who is not already registered can easily do so through the Portal. Guide to using the Online Consultation Portal (July 2017)

Initial consultation, Winter 2016 - Spring 2017

Between November 2016 and April 2017 we asked residents and people who work in the borough to tell us what they like about Hertsmere, what they think should change and what they think are the important issues that the plan should address.

We received a fairly substantial number of comments from people around the borough, which you can read about in the Consultation Report.

These comments will help us put together possible options for:

  • how much and what sort of development  such as housing, offices, retail we should plan for;
  • where it should be located in the borough; and
  • what other facilities and infrastructure such as schools, GPs, parks, public transport and roads need to be provided alongside homes and land for employment, and what should be the priority. 

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