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New Local Plan: Past Consultation

Last Modified March 27, 2024

We have carried out extensive public consultation since 2016, throughout the process of producing a new local plan. Read about the previous stages of consultation on the Local Plan here.

Find out more about the most recent version of the Local Plan document and the consultation starting 3rd April 2024.

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'Set aside Local Plan, 2021

We carried out public engagement on a full Draft Local Plan in autumn/winter 2021 which resulted in a very large number of public responses.

A meeting of our full Council in April 2022 considered options in relation to the Local Plan following the public engagement carried out in 2021.  It was agreed to set aside the current Regulation 18 draft Local Plan, but continue the local plan process by completing consideration of the Regulation 18 engagement responses and carrying out additional work as necessary to inform a local plan spatial strategy, whilst awaiting clarity from the Government on changes to law or policy affecting that matter.

Potential Site for Housing and Employment consultation, autumn/winter 2018

    We consulted on a range of sites for housing and employment uses, and asked people to give us their views on which were preferable, and whether they had any alternative sites to suggest.


      We received approximately 4,000 responses including details of 21 new sites.

Issues and Options consultation, Autumn 2017

New Local Plan Launch, Winter 2016-Spring 2017

  • The first issue (PDF 6mb) of our newsletter was distributed to all households in Hertsmere. 
  • We received comments from people around the borough, which you can read about in the Consultation Report (PDF 4mb)














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