Visit our Hertsmere Local Plan website for the latest information about the new draft Local Plan.

The Local Plan engagement period has not yet started, as the draft Local Plan will be considered at a full council meeting on 30 September.  The engagement will start on 11 October and we welcome your comments from that date. This website will be updated to explain how to submit your feedback to us when this engagement period starts.  Unfortunately we cannot accept comments on the plan before this date.


We’re planning for the future by producing a new Local Plan which is a blueprint for development in Hertsmere.

Hertsmere is a great place to live and work and we’re trying to make sure it stays that way, both for existing communities and for future generations. We know the borough will have to grow and develop. Your views will help us to make decisions on the best way to achieve this growth. 

You can view the technical studies that we have completed so far on the Supporting Studies page.

Your views

In response to last year's public engagement we received 21 new sites. Details of these new sites can be found within the overview of responses from site promoters, statutory bodies and local interest groups report. (PDF 4.87mb).

To help us choose where new development for homes and jobs could take place, we asked for your views on sites that had been put forward for development by land owners and site promoters. The engagement has now closed (on 20 December 2018) but you can still read our Potential sites for housing and employment, PSHE (PDF 21.86mb) document. Within the document you can see what sites have been put forward by landowners and developers for consideration. We won’t need to allocate all of them for development. You can find out about the current stage of Local Plan preparation within the third issue of our newsletter (PDF 585kb).

*** Note: The potential Sites for Housing and Employment document was published in 2018 and therefore does not include consideration of sites put forward in the Employment Call for Sites carried out in spring 2021.  Assessment of these new options is ongoing and feedback on any of the new sites that the Council considers should be considered for development will be sought through consultation on the Draft Local Plan, scheduled for autumn 2021.***

If you would like to be added to our consultation database or wish to view previous consultation, please visit our consultation system. The latest consultation closed at midnight on 20 December 2018. All those on the consultation database will be informed of future consultations as the new Local Plan progresses. You can view a summary of all the responses received from:

  1. the general public within the overview of responses from general public report (PDF 6.46mb).
  2. the site promoters, statutory bodies and local interest groups within the overview of responses from site promoters, statutory bodies and local interest groups. (PDF 4.87mb). An errata to this report can be found here.

New potential housing sites

As part of the Potential Sites for Housing and Employment (PSHE) consultation new sites were promoted. A map showing all of these sites can be found within the overview of responses from site promoters, statutory bodies and local interest groups report. This now concludes the current call for sites process. Any further submissions will need to be made as part of the consultation on the Draft Local Plan which is currently scheduled for Spring 2020.

Further details on new sites, which have been submitted in response to the PSHE report, can be found on our consultation system, and within the updated HELAA report which will be released shortly. If you wish to submit comments in relation to these new promoted sites please email us at 

There will be a further opportunity to comment on all of the sites included within the Draft Local Plan when this is published.

In our short video clip, Councillor Dr Harvey Cohen, Portfolio Holder for Planning and Localism, explains more about the new Local Plan and the period of public engagement that was held recently. 

More about the new Local Plan

The process of creating a new Local Plan for Hertsmere began in 2016. Central government requires all local councils to prepare a Local Plan, which sets out how the numbers of homes and jobs will be boosted in each local authority area.

We have powers under the Local Government Act 2003 to charge for the discretionary services of providing planning advice. We are now looking to enter into Planning Performance Agreements (PPAs) with site promoters to take outstanding technical work forward on the Local Plan. Further information can be found here: Local Plan PPA service leaflet (PDF 174kb).

Local Development Scheme 2021

The Local Development Scheme 2021 (PDF 1.13mb) sets out a timetable for the preparation of the Local Plan. 

Frequently asked questions

 Local Plan FAQ (PDF 249kb)

Potential sites for housing and employment

As part of our engagement process, we held a number of exhibitions enabling people to come along, see the potential sites that have been put forward and speak to our staff. They were held at:

If you were unable to attend the exhibitions, you can view the content of our exhibition boards here.


Issues and Options consultation (October - November 2017)

A consultation had previously been held on an Issues and Options document (PDF 14mb), which closed on 30 November 2017.

As part of the Issues and Options consultation, we held a number of drop-in sessions around the borough. These enabled people to come along and find out more about what we are doing and ask questions. There was an opportunity to leave questions with us on the day.  The second issue (PDF 4mb) of our newsletter was also distributed to all households in Hertsmere. 

We have listened to what people said in response to the Issues and Options consultation and are committed to continuing to consult throughout the preparation of the new Local Plan. You can view our Report on the Issues and Options consultation (PDF 2.58mb).

Local Plan launch (Winter 2016 - Spring 2017)

Between November 2016 and April 2017 we asked residents and people who work in the borough to tell us what they like about Hertsmere, what they think should change and what they think are the important issues that the plan should address. The first issue (PDF 6mb) of our newsletter was also distributed to all households in Hertsmere. 

We received comments from people around the borough, which you can read about in the Consultation Report (PDF 4mb)