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SADM Examination: To be deleted

Last Modified October 08, 2021

Examination in Public

The submission draft of the SADM Plan was approved by the council for use in the determination of planning applications decided on or after 31 July 2015, in accordance with Paragraph 216 of the NPPF (opens in new window).

The plan was published on 31 July 2015, following which there was a six week period for representations to be made prior to submission to the Secretary of State.

The final inspector's report has now been received by the council, which finds the SADM Plan sound subject to a number of Main Modifications, which are set out in an appendix to the report.

This means that where the inspector has recommended making a modification to a policy, the council will now apply the modified policy wording contained in the Inspector's Main Modifications document (below) in the determination of planning applications.

Inspector's Report

Inspector's Main Modifications

Letter from the Planning Inspectorate

The council is also proposing to make a number of Additional Modifications to the text of the SADM Plan, and modifications to the Policies Map, which are not included in the inspector's report or list of Main Modifications. The council published a list of Additional Modifications in July, although a further additional modification may be required as a result of the Main modifications.

A consolidated version of the SADM Plan is currently being prepared, which will incorporate all of the Main Modifications, Additional Modifications, and modifications to the Policies Map. The final step in the process will be for the Full Council to consider whether the SADM Plan should be adopted.

Submission Plan (published July 2015)

SADM Main Document (the Policies) (PDF) (1.5mb)

Appendix A (maps) (PDF) (85mb)

Appendices B to G (PDF) (713kb)

The policies map is split into a large map of showing the whole borough, accompanied by seven smaller A3 and A4 size maps showing the main settlements in more detail.

Whole Borough Policies Map (PDF) (35mb)

Map A - Borehamwood (PDF) (21mb)

Map B - Bushey and North Bushey (PDF) (20mb)

Map C - Potters Bar (PDF) (18mb)

Map D - Radlett, Letchmore Heath (including Patchetts Green, Round Bush and Aldenham) (PDF) (16mb)

Map E - Elstree Village, Aerodrome & Aldenham Park (PDF) (11mb)

Map F - Ridge and South Mimms (PDF) (6mb)

Map G - Shenley (PDF) (6.5mb)

Policies Map Key (PDF) (200kb)

Submission of the SADM Plan to the Secretary of State for examination

The council submitted the (SADM) Policies Plan (including all supporting information and copies of the representations received at publication stage) to the Planning Inspectorate on 16 November 2015.

The inspector appointed to examine the SADM Policies Plan is Mr John Mattocks BSc DipTP MRTPI FRGS.

Mr Mattocks will conduct the examination to determine whether the plan is sound and complies with all the legal requirements. The criteria for soundness are whether the plan’s policies are positively prepared, justified, effective and consistent with national policy.

The Programme Officer for the examination is Helen Wilson. Working independently from the council and reporting directly to the inspector, Ms Wilson will organise the administration of the examination process.

All correspondence relating to the examination should be directed via the programme officer.

Contact the programme officer:

Email: progofficer@aol.com

Telephone: 01527 65741 | Mob: 07879 443035

Programme officer's website: Helen Wilson Associates (opens in new window)

The submitted documents

For a full list of the documents which have been submitted for examination, please view the SADM documents library

Letters were sent out to notify interested parties of submission.

Notification Letter (PDF)

Notification Letter (Paddock) (PDF)

All representations received on the published plan are also made available in the SADM documents library.

Revised open space and green space policies

The inspector wrote to the council on 29 December 2015 raising a number of concerns in respect of policies SADM 35 Major Green Space and SADM36 Local Green Space in the submitted plan.

The inspector asked the council to re-consider these policies and to review the sites to which they apply. The council has now undertaken this review and submitted proposed changes to the inspector.

The council has sought views from interested organisations and individuals on the revised policies, the sites to which they are proposed to apply and consequent changes to the supporting text.

The consultation has now closed and late representations are not being accepted. The period for making comments ran from Monday 22 February 2016 until 5pm Monday 21 March 2016.

Please see the Revised Open Space and Green Space Consultation page for full details.

Representations received to this consultation were forwarded to the Inspector and can be viewed in the SADM Examination Library.

Examination hearing

The examination hearings took place from Tuesday 12 April to Thursday 14 April 2016.

Mr John Mattocks BSc DipTP MRTPI FRGS was appointed as the inspector for the SADM Policies Plan.

Inspector's note regarding the postponement of the hearing sessions (PDF)

Notice of SADM examination hearings (PDF)

All documents relating to the examination, including the inspector's list of matters, issues and questions, responses to these by the council and other parties, and the agendas for the hearing sessions, can be found on the programme officer's examination web page.

The Examination Process

The local plan examination is expected to follow the format outlined below:

  • Publication of matters and issues - these are the matters and issues that the Inspector has identified to date for consideration at the hearings. The list of matters and issues is available on the Programme Officer's SADM web page, and will be updated during the examination process.
  • Production of written statements - these statements are written by the council and objectors in response to the Inspector’s Matters and Issues and may include Statements of Common Ground. Statements which have been submitted to the Inspector are available on the Programme Officer's SADM web page.
  • Hearing sessions - the inspector held hearing sessions from Tuesday 12 April to Thursday 14 April 2016.  Hearings are an opportunity for the inspector to clarify and / or seek additional information on any issues relating to the 'soundness' of the Plan. Members of the public are able to attend the hearing sessions to observe proceedings. The inspector may invite people who have made representations to present their case at the hearings. The programme and agenda for the hearings is available on the Programme Officer's SADM web page. If you have any queries about the examination or the hearings please contact the Inspector via the Programme Officer (email link).
  • Main modifications and further consultation – following the hearings, the inspector issued a list of main modifications that are required to make the plan sound. A period of further consultation has been carried out on these modifications, alongside some proposed changes to the policies map and additional modifications put forward by the council. Details of all the proposed modifications can be found below in the Modifications section of this page.

  • Production of the inspector’s final report giving his recommendations. This should be read in conjunction with the Inspector's Main Modifications and letter from the Planning Inspectorate.

  • Adoption of the Plan by the council.

Throughout the examination process, correspondence between the inspector and the council has been posted on the Examination Web Page (opens in new window), managed by the programme officer.

If you wish to find out in more detail how the examination of the SADM Policies Plan was carried out the Planning Inspectorate has published a useful guide: Examining Local Plans Procedural Practice (PDF on external website).

Inspector’s proposed main modifications

The appointed Inspector for the SADM Policies Plan public examination has published a list of proposed main modifications to the submitted plan which he considers are required to make the plan sound.

The proposed main modifications arose following the public hearings which were held in April 2016 as part of the examination. To accompany the main modifications the council has also updated its sustainability appraisal of the plan. The plan itself has already been the subject of several stages of public consultation commencing in 2014 on a draft SADM Plan and subsequently on an amended version of the plan which was submitted for public examination in November 2015.

A period of consultation was held on the main modifications which ran for 6 weeks, ending 8 August 2016, during which the council invited representations on the modifications. Representations could only consider whether these changes satisfactorily address matters of soundness and / or legal compliance.

Proposed changes to the policies map

Proposed changes to the version of the SADM Policies Map that accompanied the submitted SADM Policies Plan were also included in this consultation. These changes are principally proposed either in response to representations on the submitted policies map or are linked to proposed modifications to the text of the SADM Plan itself, which would consequently require a change to the policies map (e.g. a proposed change to a site boundary).

The council's proposed additional modifications

In addition to the above, the council is also able to make ‘additional modifications’ to the SADM Policies Plan to include or update factual text or to correct errors, provided these do not materially affect the policies in the plan. The council is not obliged to consult on these proposed additional modifications, but considers it good practice to do so. A schedule of these additional modifications was therefore also made available for comment alongside the main modifications for 6 weeks until 8 August 2016.

Related Documents

Schedule of the inspector's main modifications

Main modifications consultation notice

Schedule of Hertsmere Borough Council's proposed additional modifications

Schedule of Hertsmere Borough Council's proposed policies map modifications

Response form (Microsoft Word)

Response form (PDF)

Consultation letter

Main modifications sustainability appraisal (June 2016)

The consultation closed at 5pm on Monday 8 August 2016. Representations relating to main modifications and the policies map were forwarded to the planning inspector. Representations on other parts of the SADM Policies Plan were not considered by the inspector.

Throughout all stages of the examination process, the relevant documents have been made available to view at the following locations around the borough, known as 'deposit points'. Hours of opening were correct at the time of publication (24 June 2016) but these may change so please ensure that you check the opening times before travelling to any of the deposit points.

Civic   Offices, Elstree Way, Borehamwood, WD6 1WA

Monday –   Thursday: 9:00 – 17:15

Friday:   9.00: – 17:00

Council   Offices, Wyllyotts Centre, Wyllyotts Place, Darkes Lane, Potters Bar, EN6 2HN  

9.30am to   2pm on Thursdays

Council   Offices, The Bushey Centre, High Street, Bushey, WD23 1TT

9.30am to   2pm on Tuesdays

Aldenham   Parish Council, Radlett Centre, 1 Aldenham Avenue, Radlett, WD7 8HL

Monday -   Friday: 10.00-14.30

Shenley   Parish Council, The Hub, London Road, Shenley, WD7 9BS

Monday – Friday: 8.30am to 12 noon

Elstree   and Borehamwood Town Council

Fairway Hall, Brook Close, Borehamwood, WD6 5BT.

Mon-Fri: 9.00 – 16.00

Borehamwood   Library, 96 Shenley Road, Borehamwood, WD6 1EB

Monday   & Wednesday: 09.00 - 18.00

Tuesday:   12.00 - 18.00

Thursday:   12.00 - 19.00

Saturday:   09.00 - 16.00

Friday and   Sunday: Closed

Bushey   Library, Sparrows Herne, Bushey, WD23 1FA

Monday   & Wednesday: 13.00 - 18.00

Tuesday   & Friday: 10.00 - 18.00

Thursday   & Sunday: Closed

Saturday: 10.00   - 17.00


Oakmere   Library, High Street, Potters Bar, EN6 5BZ

Monday   & Friday: 13.00 - 18.00

Tuesday   & Thursday: 10.00 - 18.00

Wednesday   & Sunday: Closed

Saturday: 10.00   - 17.00

Radlett   Library, 1 Aldenham Avenue, Radlett, WD7 8HL

Monday: 12.30   - 18.00

Tuesday,   Thursday & Friday: 10.00 - 18.00

Saturday: 10.00   - 14.00

Wednesday   & Sunday: Closed

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