This page contains both historic monitoring reports and the most recent monitoring data, including annual monitoring of the five year housing land supply position in Hertsmere.  The Housing Delivery Test Action Plan is also published on this page. For the most recent Housing Land Supply Note please click below:

 Five Year Land Supply (FYLS) Update 2022/23 (PDF 884kb)

A Housing Delivery Test (HDT) Action Plan is produced by a local planning authority where delivery is below 95% of their housing requirement. It will identify reasons for this and set out measures the authority intends to take to increase levels of delivery.  The 2021 HDT results were published by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities on 14 January 2023. This stated that Hertsmere Borough Council had a 2021 HDT measurement of 88%. 

The Council’s HDT Action Plan for the nationally published 2021 HDT measurement can be viewed below.  

Housing Delivery Test Action Plan Final September 2022 (PDF 897kb)

Previous Monitoring Reports

Five Year Land Supply (FYLS) Update 2021/22 (PDF 871kb) Five Year Land Supply (FYLS) Update 2020/21 - Main Report (PDF601kb)Five Year Land Supply (FYLS) Update 2019/20 - Main Report (PDF 604kb)Five Year Land Supply (FYLS) Update 2018/19 - Main Report (PDF 599kb)Five Year Land Supply (FYLS) Update 2017/18 - Main Report (PDF 264kb)Five Year Land Supply (FYLS) Update 2016/17 - Main Report (PDF 255kb)

Authority Monitoring Report (AMR) 2018-19 (PDF 637kb)

FYLS 2016/17 Appendix 1  (PDF 722kb)

FYLS 2016/17 Appendix 2 (PDF 252kb)

FYLS 2016/17 Appendix 3 (PDF 206kb)

FYLS 2016/17 Appendix 4 (PDF 186kb)

Five Year Land Supply (FYLS) 2015/16 (PDF 253kb)

FYLS 2015/16 Appendix 1 (PDF 999kb)

FYLS 2015/16 Appendix 2 (PDF 290kb)

FYLS 2015/16 Appendix 3 (PDF 231kb)

Technical Appendix to AMR 2014/15 and 2015/16 (PDF 3.48mb)

Authority Monitoring Report 2013/14 - main part (PDF 1.73mb) and Technical Appendix to AMR 2013/14 (PDF 4.59mb)

Authority Monitoring Report 2012/2013 (PDF 1.19mb)

Annual Monitoring Report 2011/12 (PDF 1.63mb)

Annual Monitoring Report 2010/11 (PDF 1.16mb)

Annual Monitoring Report 2009/10 (PDF 1.11mb)

Annual Monitoring Report 2008/09 (PDF 1.43mb)

Annual Monitoring Report 2007/08 (PDF 9.40mb)

Annual Monitoring Report 2006/07 (PDF 875kb)

Annual Monitoring Report 2005/06 (PDF 1.25mb)

Annual Monitoring Report 2004/05 (PDF 772kb) and Appendix 1 - Indicator Matrix (PDF 46kb)

Annual Monitoring Report 2003/04 (PDF 1.10mb)