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Draft Revised Planning and Design Guide Part D (2016)

Last Modified January 22, 2024

 The Planning and Design Guide is the council’s planning guidance, for securing higher standards of planning and design in Hertsmere across all forms of development. This guidance was first adopted in 2006 and we updated Part D in 2013. We are now proposing a comprehensive update to Part D in response to changes in national and local planning policy, and to reflect the types of development which come forward in the borough.

Part D covers many aspects of the design and layout of development, and has been prepared as a guide for those who are proposing new housing or commercial developments. It sets out design principles for the borough, and covers the design issues that we will consider when making decisions on planning applications. It aims to influence:

-       how buildings look and fit with their setting;

-       the layout and organisation of public spaces; and

-       the appearance of street frontages.

This updated guidance will be a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) to complement our statutory Local Plans (the Core Strategy 2013 and emerging Site Allocations and Development Management Policies Plan (SADM) published in 2015.

This draft was approved at the council's 14 September 2016 Executive meeting, for use on an interim basis to assess planning applications determined on or after 15 September 2016

A period of public consultation ran until Monday 21 November 2016 to give the local community and other stakeholders an opportunity to influence the document before it is finalised and adopted. We have considered the responses and made amendments to the document as necessary. It is currently awaiting adoption.


Draft Revised Planning and Design Guide Part D (2016)

Note on the Nationally Described Space Standards


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